I Wanna Dress Like Rachel Bilson

08/23/2006 at 06:00 AM ET

I’ve never really thought of Rachel Bilson as anything other than the girl next door. Her former O.C. cast mate Mischa Barton always seemed to out shine her on the red carpet and on the streets of Hollywood. But lately Rachel has been stepping out looking nothing short of fabulous! This summer, I can’t get enough of her always perfect outfits and how great she looks in jeans! Check her out at the Hollywood Sidekick 3 launch party in a pair of super straight Tsubi black jeans (left) and walking to a screening of The Devil Wears Prada in Siwy Rose Drainpipes in Wonder Lust (right). She has given us shorter girls hope for the new skinny trend. — Andrea DeSimone

Get Rachel’s Jeans:
Tsubi Super Skinny Zip Jean Jet Black, $186 (Note: they run small.)

Siwy Rose Drainpipe in Wonder Lust, $157 (on sale from $189)

Same look for a steal: Lux Stretch Slim Jean at Urban Outfitters, $68

Photo:Luis Martinez / AFF;Stefan-MWD/X17

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akatlame on

she’s 100x better than Mischa barton.

she’s so pretty

erika on

not that i don’t think rachel bilson is pretty, but i really don’t think her style is something worthy of envy…

Sue on

I’ve always thought that Rachel was gorgeous. And she’s got great fashion sense. Yeah, Mischa may have a more outgoing personality than Rachel that gets her noticed more. I love Mischa, but Rachel has always been my favorite of the two. I can see Rachel going on to a very successful actress! :)Go Rache!

laura on

i’m really sick of seeing the “skinny” jeans. it’s very unflattering. her style isn’t that great. i do like her though.

DavesGirl on

I couldn’t agree with you more. Every time I see a picture of Rachel I get so jealous of the cute clothes and accessories she is sporting. She is becoming a style icon for us short girls!

Isa on

I love Rachel’s style! She is always perfect no matter what she wears. Skinny jeans look great on her and I like them, although I agree that some people shouldn’t wear them because they don’t look well on everyone.

Beth on

I wish I WAS Rachel Bilson. When you have that kind of figure and small frame almost anything looks good on (inlcuding that Christmas apron looking shirt). While skinny jeans definitley do not look good on someone like me, when your as tiny as Rachel they look amazing. I love Mischa as well, but because Rachel is shorter, she tends to look petite and cute, as opposed to anorexic (which at times Mischa does). The Teen Choice Awards proved that Rachel has a better fashion sense and stands out more – go Rach!

Leslie on

While I do think Rachel is a beautiful girl, I’m really sick of “skinny” jeans. I just don’t think they’re attractive on anyone….even on the skinniest girl. I’m really hoping this trend sticks to hollywood becausae I would hate to see it where I live on a daily basis. Also, the boxy top in the second pic is really not flattering. Who makes up these trends. I think some celebrities just pic up things off the floor and call it an outfit, and then we’re supposed to spend $1000 to copy the “look”. Give me a break!

Lauren on

I can definitely NOT pull off the skinny jeans (I know that for sure!) but I do love Rachel’s style sense. Not too out there that it makes headlines for the wrong reasons, but she’s still looking great! There IS hope for us short girls!

Lauren on

I think her and Adam Brody share their jeans! I love them both though! They are a very down to earth couple and oh so cute. I don’t personally love the skinny jeans but she looked amazing at the Teen Choice Awards. Remember what she first looked like when The OC started? Eww… She has come along way!

Kelly on

Well i do like her better than misha but her style is not so good.

Coralee on

I think you should all loosen up and try skinny jeans. Any one with personal style could see that it’s about proportions in your outfit. No one is saying to wear it skin tight all the way down. You have to balance it out and it CAN work.
She looks great in skinny jeans and I think she is beautiful.

Genise on

It’s very unflattering on a fat person (NOT TO BE MEAN). Skinny Jeans look great on her. I have 5 pairs so far I love them!

Britt on

I admire Rachel Bilson’s style much more than Mischa’s who is always wearing strange and ugly things. Rachel is beautiful and I hope that her success continues and grows.

Tracey on

I HATE, HATE, HATE skinny jeans. They are not flattering on anyone and seemed dated back in the 80s. Fashion may go in cycles, but they aren’t always good cycles. Rachel Bilson is cute as a bug, but even she can’t make these jeans work.

roxyseabreeze on

I love Rachel! She is so cute and not in anyway a Lindsay Lohan Lohan or a Paris Hilton !!! SHe has a really cute style and is verry pretty! It is so refreshing to see an actress who has no drama and holds her own for a change!

bbluv on

I don’t think skinny jeans look good on anyone. The tapered leg is so 80’s and unflattering. Her legs look even shorter in these pics. I thought petite girls were supposed to wear curvy or straight leg jeans and always with heels. That elongates your legs. Skinny jeans accentuate your hips which makes you look bigger than you are and makes a petite girl look like she has very short legs. I live in NYC and I see this style on petite girls in person and it is anything but flattering. I hope this trend goes away soon.

Bonnejeff on

The skinny jean is sooo ugly on everyone except Jude Law, he managed to pull them off.

Bunky on

Why don’t we take skinny jeans to their logical conclusion and balloon the thighs so every fashionable person looks like they were just discharged from the cavalry? Remember George C. Scott’s uniform pants in “Patton”? Don’t tell me George wasn’t smokin’.

kim on

I hate skinny jeans, they sucked in the 80s and they still look bad, but then again, every other trend, including stretch pants have resurfaced, so why not skinny jeans. Designers should come up with something new instead of recycling each decade.

Ellie on

has she lost weight? i think she has an amazing sense of fashion and is so pretty. i like mischa better, but rach is great too.

Jess on

I LOVE Rachel Bilson, I do not like this look though. I hate skinny jeans, wear a skirt if you want to show off your legs. I also hate that people are wearing leggings under skirts…eww sick! Love you though Rachel!

hali on

ok first of all no offense to rach but her style is totally something not worth envying.

come 60 she’ll wish she dressed better in her 20’s!LOL!

Sarah on

Rachel Bilson is so weird looking. Has anyone noticed that her head is absolutely enormous and she looks sort of like a troll? So she has money to buy trendy clothes.. doesn’t make her a style genius.

mega - oh please! on

how can anyone think these clothes are stylish or flattering on her?!! they’re horrible. i still can’t get over that red tent thing is she is wearing — it reminds me of Minnie Pearl (…hee-haw, anyone..??..nobody will get this reference.) anyway these clothes make her look as straight as a stick. if you want to see a petite woman who exudes style and feminine allure, check out Eva Longoria PEOPLE!

Nikki on

I think Rachel is very pretty but those jeans have got to go! I would never wear those, I never have liked jean’s like that.

rachel on

i love the jeans in pic two. i only have one pair of skinny jeans, but im absolutely buying more!! the shirt looks very hard to pull off, the first picture really looks kinda blah.

katherine on

Skinny jeans look great, and Rachel looks great in them. If Americans spent less time eating junk they would probably look great in them too.

Deanna on

She looks O.K. but I don’t think I’ll be dressing like that ny time soon!

macy on

you guys have to stop the skinny-jeans bashing. It’s a great comeback y’all. and yes, it could work on everyone. u just have to know what fit and wash best suits you coz not all skinny jeans are the same! get those ultra-dark stretch skinny jeans. those are the best! it’ll make u look thinner and oh so fab! and as for rachel bilson, kudos to her for looking cute all the time!

Jessica on

I’ve been looking everywhere for a pair of purple sandals she was photographed wearing with black roll-up shorts in People earlier this summer. If anyone knows which designer made them, please post it and I’ll be forever in your debt!

Tracey on

Sorry, Macy, but it’s not the fit of the jeans that are a re problem, it’s the whole style of them. They’re just not attractive or fashionable. They’re like the ripped, off-the-shoulder sweatshirt from Flashdance: fine as emblem of the times, but that’s it.

Jess on

What’s with the skinny jeans? They are so disgustingly ugly. And so is what she’s wearing. She doesn’t match in the slightest, and her feet look monsterous from the way her pants are. I really hope she doesn’t become a fashion icon. Her AND Misha need to go to some kind of stylist. Ugh.

Kara on

I think Rachel Bilson is beautiful but I hate her style on these pictures: ugly. I wonder if american people know what fashion means. I’m French and we call that a “faux pas”

Kara :-)

Noelle on

I love Rachel!!! I think she looks great in skinny jeans. If you dont like skinny jeans, dont wear em. If she feels good about what she is wearing, then go ahead. I admire rachel and her style.

Shasha on

I personally

Mary on

Forget the jeans that red top is hideous.

rachou on

yes it’s nice ,but everybody wear the same thing ,u walk in the street and u c someone with the same clothes

jesika on

Cute face… skinny body… disgusting wardrobe!! It just goes downhill from here!

Katie on

I love her bag at the T Mobile Party! Does anyone know what kind it is?

Alecia on

i dont like the black pants and the yellow over coat thing together. they just dont go.

hannah on

skinny jeans are the hottest things ever, i cant believe anyone could not like them. anyways, rachel bilson is GORGEOUS, and i love her fasion sense!

celebfan on

I really like and admire rachel bilson. I HATE mischa…always have and thank goodness shes out of the show now. She was always too thin (annorexic anyone?) and has a horrible fashion sense in real life. HAve you seen the stuff hses been wearing lately( dresses with clown like ruffles to the teen choice awards? whats up with that???)Rachel has always been my favourite. I love what she wears on the OC AND in real life…those jeans look incredible pn her. And her teen choice dress was really pretty. I admire her as a person too…shes a much better actress than mischa and I see a long future ahead of her. Mischa is just overrated. But most of all, I want to BE rachel…becaus eof her awesome fashion sense AND because her boyfriend is adam brody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kylie and kassidy on

ilike skinny jeans but the shirt is really ugly, but the shoes with the skinny jeans look great.
skinny jeans are differrent than people are used to and i wonder how long they will stay in style.

DD on

She’s pretty but I don’t particularly like her clothes.. only she can pull them off, I don’t think everyone can!
I love Mischa though she wears a lot of pretty stuff and she’s so tall, slim and pretty.. extremely gorgeous!

Kerri on

Omg she is better than mischa isnt she :D finally sum1 tht agrees!! :)

Sophie on

I Love Rachel Bilson shes my idol!! I love her boyfriend hes sooo Hot! i love the way she dresses and looks!! i just hope that they get married and have babies lol

princessrory on

Rachel is wonderfull!!!!everyone can have its opinion about this ;there are people who doesn’t like the jeans skinny and there is which like:) me I find that it’s brilliant and in more rachel is superb inside:)

Sharmin on

i don’t get why peple are comparing Rachel to Mischa…stop comparing them…they’re both very pretty but i personally like Rachel’s fashion sense a lot…and she is my favorite actress…and please stop being haters (to people who are saying “I hate Mischa or I hate Rachel”…

Samia on

I, personally, adore Rachel Bilson’s style. Its so chilled and fuss free in comparison to, say Mischa Barton. Mischa Barton’s style is a bit more high maintenance and glam girl a lot of the time. Rachel Bilson’s style shows that short/student girls can dress well without looking like they’ve spent ages getting ready.
ALSO, her style is very modest as opposed to revealing (ahem, Lindsay Lohan).

I love skinny jeans btw… And think short girls can make ’em work if you wear slightly longer tops and a belt or something.

mackak on

does anyone know who made the red dress that rachel bilson’s character kim wore to the wedding in the movie ‘the last kiss’????

genivive on

I LOVE RACHEL BILSON. She’s so amazing,her sense of style is flawless. She definatly out shines Mischa Barton on and off the OC.

kathrine on

Hi– did you find out the name of the designer who made the red dress Rachel Bilson wore in the last kiss? I love it!!! Your help would be much appreciated!


zeinab sono on

does anyone one know where i can find her picture with a red tight long dress, that was here on people a coiple of days ago (i tried searchin for it but i cant find it)..its upper part is like a corset and it has that thin belt on the waist?

jenni w xx on

I absolutley adore rachel bilson and admire her fashion sense, I dress very similar myself and wanted that top she was wearing.Now I own one myself.thanx 4 the info xmwahx

Rosie on

She’s amazing.
She has this quirky sense that I just don’t see in Mischa Barton.
She’s so beautiful and just amazing!
And shes not some skinny 5’10” waif!

heeeelen on

i need to no the designer of the dress rachel bilson wears at the wedding in the last kiss some help plllllllease?

Rena on

I love Rachel and she is always really pretty, and not only that but I adore that she can look so sublime in clothes that everyday people could wear. Some celebrities go all out all the time, and you’re like “I love their style but could never look that good” But everyone can look like Rachel because she isn’t OVERLY glamourous but has an aura of glamour about her anyway. However, on the downside I find she often makes her upper half long and her legs look short which isn’t the most flattering thing.

anisa on

i am really sorry that reachel bilson broke up with adam form me they were the best couple ever…well kiss everyone

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