Mariah-Oh-Meter: Rate Her Look!

08/22/2006 at 06:00 AM ET

How low did the scantily-dressed star go this time (with a one being Congresswoman conservative, and a ten being ready for her video vixen close-up)? Let’s check it out:

Exhibit A: Outside Her Hotel in Miami on a Stop for the “Adventures of Mimi’ Tour
Okay, I’ll admit it: I’ve worn an outfit like this . . . when I was 12! In other words, Ms. Carey has once again been shopping in the Juniors section, although at least this time she refrained from buying one size too small. For keeping everything covered, I give her a 5—but by adding sky-high platforms and big hair to a look that’s meant to be sweet and innocent, she pushes up the meter to a 7. On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate Mariah’s oh-factor in this look? Let me know! Galina Espinoza

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Claudia on

I love Mariah. She’s just the best in what she does, and that’s make me forgive her… I don’t always like what she wears, this outfit for example is just horrible (unless she is going to sleep with it or visit a friend at jail :) )

Britta on

just wrong…

Dominique on

That is a really bad look…. I give her a 5 because she has cute shoes! The hair is really bad and those sunglasses too…

Shila on

Well,you can not buy taste with all the money that you got…You can see it on this pic…:-)

erika on

mariah has never been a favourite of mine…she should dress appropriately…i’d give her like a 3 or something…

Megan on

I give her a 3 as well. She need to stop dressing like she’s 15 and start dressing like somebody in their 30’s!

Shannon on

Love Mariah! She ALWAYS looks great! :) Good looking woman! And she takes good care of herself! This pic : I give her a 10 !

Julia on

I think she had too much plastic surgeory. She looks like she used to be a man.

Julia on

I agree with Erika, Mariah is becoming so fake. She definately had plastic surgeory. I’d give her a 0.

Wendy on

How jealous other girls/women can sound by lashing out at Mariah’s choice of clothes; too bad they cannot afford her lifestyle. Every one of us has our own particular style and if we all dressed alike how boring and unstimulating life would be; Especially the magazines that we so obsessively read. Mariah has made an incredible comeback and it is time that the critics praise her ACCOMPLISHMENT! Life can be like a rollercoaster….and her music has been a support system for me since her first CD. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL MARIAH! And your concert in Tampa, Florida was breathtaking!

Helena on

She never dresses good, she has no style and looks trashy.

1 out of 10

Steph on

I think she’s trying to make her legs look longer by wearing short shorts and dresses with super high heals, but in the end she just looks skanky. She’s very sweet, has a great voice, but horrible wardrobe.

Ginger on

I love Mariah she has a great voice. The problem is she still thinks she still looks like the Vision of Love Mariah (remember the small black dress?) Mariah you are not 21 anymore. You have a cute figure, but you need to dress with class. Sometimes show us legs and boobs, but not all the time and not at the same time. People are laughing at you darling! You can sing you don’t need to dress like a woman that’s afraid of getting older. I promise you if you change your style people will respect you more. Fire your stylist!!!!

Rebecca on

Yuck….one of the many examples of how Mariah has gone off the deep end. She looks like she’s going to jail….I give her a 4. I know I am not the only one that remembers “Dream Lover” Days? WE MISS THEM!

supa on

i actually don’t mind her outfit. the fact that she continues to dress horribly in spite of constant criticism shows that she dresses for herself and not for other people. and that’s pretty admirable.

Bunky on

Is she auditioning to be the new Hamburglar?

kiwi on

She is weird…

Chelle on

I agree this outfit is totally awful…but how come Mariah gets criticized for wearing this outfit but Jessica Simpson has been wearing the same crap and its okay?!…it doesn’t look cute…it just looks slutty!

me, myself & I on

I LOVE U MARIAH!!!! this outfit is just like so gorgious. stripes are like sooo in style right now. for all of u idiots, his outfit is so a-la-mode.

me, myself & I on

I LOVE U MARIAH!!!! this outfit is just like so gorgious. stripes are like sooo in style right now. for all of u idiots, his outfit is so a-la-mode.

Lisa P. on

I love Mariah and she is an awesome singer. But I think she dresses herself and it looks really bad especially when she wears that hair, Mariah you look like the lion from the Wizard of Oz. Please be more original and dress your age not your shoe size. I think you need some tips from JLO and Beyonce’s stylist because those women can dress up to look classy, not assy!!

me, myself & I on

10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10

me, myself & I on

10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10

erika on

i was reading some of the comments…and one of them claimed she looked like a man…haha…i agree to that as she looks very masculine in this photo…and i don’t understand why some people defend stars and say like “oh you’re all jealous of mariah and her lifestyle”…ummm who are you to say? i mean we all have opinions, but don’t go telling us who is jealous and who is not…don’t go defending someone who could pay their way into a better outfit…give your opinion, don’t tell people they are jealous when they say something bad about your poor celebrity

Stephanie on

Sure, she’s beautiful. And I’d be the first to admit that I wish I had as much money as she does, along with her house, and the whole lifestyle. But I’d like to think that if I had all her money, I could afford some half-decent clothes, unlike whatever that thing is that she’s sporting. Money may not buy taste, but it can pay for a personal shopper who has some.

Katie on

She is just another example of Cheap Long Island trash and should just go stand next to Lindsay Lohan. Yuk. Don’t call he a hater, I just speak the truth.

Kate Jones on

When a woman reaches a certain age, showing less can be a hell of alot more sexier than showing everything. Mariah has to realize she is not 20 something anymore, and start to dress more age apporiate. I am not saying she has to start wearing granny panties and support hose, but alot of todays styles are made for a 17 year old,size 0, and like the rest of us, Mariah will never see either of those numbers again. She should be proud of her body, but we just don’t need to see all of it all of the time.

Rebecca Shervey on

Mariah has a look of her own. If she didn’t dress this way, would we be commenting about it? If she didn’t do funky things with her hair, would we comment on it? Probably not. Then Mariah would be a “regular”. And that is something that she is not. She loves her music, she loves to sing, and she loves her fans. For those reasons alone, that is how Mariah is able to make a come back and produce some damn good music. So she wears things that make you take a double look, that’s her, that’s her personality, her creativeness on just how far she can take things. I believe Mariah is comfortable and enjoys the attention. As long as she is putting out good music, she could be naked for all i care.

cate on

wowie. thats pretty bad. i like stripes but not all over. those shoes with the short shorts, not a good look. the hair is very big which is never a good thing. try harder mariah.

Branna on

Mariah Carey…awesome voice, but her fashion sense needs some help. Not all of the time, but she does in this one, who let her walk out of the house like this?

Faith on

the shorts bunch awkwardly in the crotch area…not flattering. but the shoes are super cute and sexy! I would have worn them with a different outfit(like city shorts or a knee length skirt), but we all know Mariah wears heels with EVERYTHING. I feel bad that people talk so much trash about her, but I’m sure she’s laughing all the way to the bank!

Jane Q Public on

This woman is desparate for attention so she finds ways to get it. She sure gets it!

consuelo on

Mariah,Mariah,Mariah…’s like a train wreck it’s horrible to look at but just can’t turn away!!! Does anything past (0) the negative side count??!!

Jen on

She gets a zero. She always looks like a bimbo!

tyra on

she looks as though she’s a jail model and doesn’t look that appealing. sorry

Leni on

I wish she would come to grips with the fact that the size 2T onesies are not working for her. Grow up, Mariah!

Britt on

I love Mariah!!!!!!!

Liza on

I love Mariah but don’t always agree with her outfit choices. I do love the striped ensemble but think it would have looked much better paired with cute flats and a casual hairstyle. I give her a 6!

Jo on

She needs a new fashion advisor! She never lloks well put together. Her style is trashy.

Jodi on

I think she is just nasty. She looks nasty, no respect givin. She needs to act her age. I give her a low 2.

Dawn on

I think Mariah should leave things more to the imagination. She would be very beautiful if she dressed more classy. Her clothes or lack thereof take the focus away from why she is where she is- her beautiful voice. I give her a 2. She needs to learn to be more of a lady, not a tramp.

Amanda on

Mariah has got a great trained body and she looks great whatever she wears. but her style isn’t what i like. still, she has her own mind and she can decide what to wear.

Nicole on

I really like Mariah, but what is she thinking half the time? I wish she would start dressing a little closer to her age, I think she could take her sexy to a whole new level.

Julie on

She has a beautiful voice and if we talk about the way she dress is really awful. She needs advice. =(

Sandy on

For someone as beautiful and talented as she is, she really needs to get some self esteem and realize that she doesn’t need to dress trashy to get attention. She needs to start dressing appropriately/classy for her body type. I give her a 3. I wore an outfit like that when I was 16 WITHOUT the hoochy mama shoes!

Jessica on

just AWFUL! She looks like a drag queen… are you sure it’s her?

TW on

Maria may be a talented songbird but her taste in clothing is dismally lacking.

Jena on

Really !!!!!!!! AWFUL, I know she has a great, great voice, but she needs advice, the outfit is not recommended for ther age, she’s in the 30’s she needs to start thinking about it.

Wendy on

If every female musician/artist who turned 30, 40, 50 or even 60 was supposed to dress or act according to how our mothers/grandmothers dress/act then their music/talent would not evolve and the music industry would suffer a dramatic hit! Understand that with those statements Cher would not be who she is today and neither would Madonna. Calling someone “Long Island” trash, a bimbo, desperate, nasty, etc. is so negative and unproductive. Maybe she needs consulting with her wardrobe, but that is about it!

Gina on

Is there something wrong with her face???? Looking at her lips and cheeks, looks like she has had some plastic surgery done. I am not sure why she is dressing like she is a teenager, she has a great voice, she should show just a little more class.

Rita San Carlo on

not in good taste.

roxyseabreeze on

Hmmm…yeah this outfit is a bit too crazy…other than that Mariah still ROCKS !!! That will never change…she has an amazing voice and her music is what i love about her…she has been through so much just like anyone of us and its great to see her over come all her obstacles and keep on creating music for all of us to enjoy…

Kathleen on

And Parents Wonder Where Their Children Get It From….

Kandis on

Those stripes are extremely unflattering to her figure which she has worked so diligently on. She looks like she’s going for a congecal visit to Folsom Prison.

Dinka Doo on

There is a definite air of desperation going on here. Am I wrong, or have her outfits actually gotten more skimpy, revealing and tacky as she has gotten older? It has nothing to do with dressing your age – just dressing to look your best. I’d kill for a body like her’s, but to be honest, she comes off looking on the heavy side because of her choices. She can still dress very sexy, but she definitely needs a stylist to dress her more classy. What she wears reminds me of nothing more than a rich version of the desperate barfly who is looking for a daddy for her kids. All she needs to complete the picture is a cigarette in her hand and a tattoo of a rose on her ankle. A big one.

Amy on

Poor girl, she tries so hard and it shows! Mariah is always over-done. Such a beautiful lady who needs to realize that the impression she is leaving on her fans is not a good one. She tries to be a diva and she comes more across as a trashy stripper. Paris has more class.

anna on

i think she needs some chic sophistication on her style.

Patricia on

How would you like for someone to tell you every day that you look like crap??? I personally dont like this outfit but maybe she does. Everyone needs to take a look around even at themselves not everyone is the same. Not everyone has to always look just right. Just because she is a celeb does not mean that she always has to look perfect. Most of you are probably lookin a lot worse than she is. Just lay off.

cindy on

She looks like she just got out of a funky jail..

Maysuun on

She’s so pretty and yet she tries so hard to hide the fact by dressing in cheap-looking, unflattering clothing. Why, Mariah?

Kat on

I’m sorry, but why would you want to wear something that made you look like you’re in a bad prison movie? It’s an ugly outfit that makes her look cheap and tacky.

Someone previously stated that no one wants to hear that they look like crap every day… well, if you don’t want to be criticized every step of the way – a career in the public eye is not for you.

Dinka Doo on

When you put yourself out in the public eye as a celebrity and wear clothing that is specifically designed to get attention, you have to expect criticism. Nope – I wouldn’t want to be a celebrity and have to live my life in public, but if I were lurking around reading the blog, I’d have to take a long hard look at the image I was projecting. If she wants to be in the public eye, she has to live under the public scruitiny. When the public is out there shaking their heads, you have to start wondering if you are looking more desperate or pathetic. THIS IS NOT SOMEONE WHO IS COMFORTABLE WITH HERSELF. I can almost guarantee that. If she were, she wouldn’t keep pushing for attention in this manner. I would love nothing more than to see her get an image makeover because I think she could shine. But right now she looks more like Amy Fisher does Joey Buttafucco than Mariah Carey.

bre on

I luv Mariah and I can;t wait to see her in concert!! However her talent had nada to do with her clothing, obviousley because if that was the case she would wear way better outfits! I agree that she looks trashy and classless with her choices she is very beautiful and needs to stop dressing so horrable when she knows she’s gonna be photographed wherever she goes! Mariah look at urself girl come on!

Nikkigirl on

What I don’t understand is she doesn’t need to dress like this. If she had no talent, then yes, she’d have to sell sex to sell records, but I bought Emanicipation of Mimi because it was good ole fashion Mariah. Not because she looked like a slut.

stephannie on

i agree with alot of the other posts i have read mariah should show a little more class and a little less…. well you know what i mean, don’t get me wrong i love her music, but come on, Mariah be role model for young girls. would you take your young daughter to a concert of hers if you knew she was parading around in something so skimpy that when she bends over all her 2000 parts would hang out? if she wears something like that on the streets imagine what she wears at her concerts. I will pass.

Liza on

I give her a big fat 0.
she is a shkank

Liz on

She always looks trashy…apparently this day was no different…

Gin on

She needs some advice from Stacy and Clinton on “What not to Wear”.

LATINA2222 on

She does have a great voice, but her sense of style is of a 15 year old. She alwyas shows off her boobs a little too much. I think she’s trying to be sexy, but you don’t have to show everything! She should cover up a little more. Someone shoudl fired her stylist!

Heather on

2-this is horrible, especially the hair. what is she thinking. she is beautiful and then she wears something like this. this outfit can’t even make her look good.

kathleen on

she looks great since she lost weight keep it up mariah!!!!!!!!

givemeafreakinbreak! on

she looks like the little cartoon guy that’s being sent to prision in Monopoly…

Cyndi on

I like Mariah but not this outfit, I’ve seen here look much better. She looks like she is on her way to jail or Foot Locker????

Monique on

Dear Galina,
If only you had seen her show outfits in Montreal recently. If we put aside the wardrobe malfunction that she was subjected to during the show when her so called twins didn’t want stay in place, she was very classy and looked absolutely AMAZING in every garment she wore. Unfortunately Mariah in this circus outfit on high heels really doesn’t do it for me. Stripes are fun but it has to be dressed down….no pun intended. Sorry Mariah but it had to be said.

Angela on

She’s been completely classless for years. Never had it never will. If she didn’t have those pipes, home would be a trailer park.

Ashley on

She’s a wonderful singer! She is beautiful! BUT sometimes what people think is hot is not! I don’t think this is hot!

Rachel on

Zebra gone wrong.

nicole on

oh my gosh…when will she dress her age?!?! horrible….

amber on

It looks like the stomache of her outfit is sagging. NOT APPEALING AT ALL. I think everything she wears is aweful. She’s got no sense of taste. I think she is beautiful, but i hate how she dresses. That ruins it for her. She’s always either wearing an ugly outfit or just looks sraight up trashy. She definately needs a fashion makeover. Sorry M. Love ya, but you need help in that catagory.

Ari on

This was a bad idea. She looks like a jailbird. And the bottom she’s wearing looks kind of bunched up in the crotch area. Bottom line: overall stripes not pretty on her!

amber on

Someone commented on how everyone bashes Mariah for wearing these type of out fits when Jessica Simpson is wearing the same thing and getting away with it. Well for one thing, Jessica is only 24-25 years old. She is dressing her age and Mariah is now in her 30’s. Secondly, Jessica has a slammin’ body. Yeah, Mariah looks good for her age, but Jessica has the body that every girl wishes she had. Mariah seriously needs to grow up and stop pretending she’s still 25. She can still dress sexy without being slutty. Wouldn’t you agree?

crystal on

I think that she looks good. She has lost some weight. She is actually pretty much covered up and her legs are toned and I personally love big hair. It is all about what an individual likes, you can’t say anyone is right or wrong for what they think you can however disagree. I think as far as her looking for attention, well thats going a little far because anywhere a STAR goes they get lights and cameras. So maybe, now just maybe she really isn’t on what she should do to get attention rather her doing what she likes. Just an opinion!

ztalo on

why is mariah wearing a pajama in a hotel hall?

Mary on

Mariah is a talented,strong and beautiful women, but a beautiful women should always leave something to the imagination

maria on

Mariah looks like a drag queen going to jail.
She is high a maintenance person.

pradagirl on

Mariah, u rok, and i luv u 4 that. the outfit is so chic, i have a top just like it! u have style and i’m sorry about what the others say, you’re a star and you’re on a pedestal all the time and every1’s waitin 4 u 2 fall. Sorry.

Deb on

Some people are giving her a three or four. She dresses like she’s trying to be three or four years old. She doesn’t dress like a classy adult.



jen on

i think that she needs to dress like a grown up! she looks nasty.

Loramay on

What can I say that has not been said before. She is a talented person but she dresses inappropriately. Too much of everything. Nice shoe though. Needs, a stylists fast.

Kim on

I love Mariah!! I dont always agree with what she wears but its her decision. I love the shoes but not with that outfit! You rock Mariah!

~Andrea~ on

If Mariah would have either worn tight white tank top with those shorts ….or a little mini denim skirt with the the tube top it would have be really cute and stylish, but she always finds a way to make her outfit look kinda cheap and I’m sure that’s not who she is.

Jenal on

God she doesnt need to dress like a teen. Shes not!! She should get that through her head.

Peggy on

She was rated having best gams!??? Wrong! She doesn’t know how to dress. Act your age and quit throwing yourself at the camera. Just sing since that is all she is good at.

Tori on

I have never really cared for Mariah Carey or her music until recently…but this outfit is HORRIBLE!! She is a very beautiful woman and should be very proud of the body she has worked so hard to maintain BUT leaving more to a mans imagination is always the best bet!!! She already has so much respect for her work why ruin it by looking so cheap and low class?? I would hate for one of my 3 daughters to view this as acceptable dress out in public!!

Pata on

Mirah needs to dress for her age. Not a 30 year old something trying to look like 15 again. I give her a 3. Not only in the black/white “jail” outfit, but in most everything she wears. She wears to short of an outfit and/or shows way to much skin.

Lisa on

Love the pipes….hate the clothes. She looks like a street walker, not a hit maker.

Dawn on

I definitely do not think anyone is JEALOUS of Mariah. Seriously, there is nothing to be jealous of. She is so stuck in the 80’s and so classless…in my opinion. I just do not think any form of “trashy” is sexy.

Hannah on

she looks fake.and her fashion sense is horrible.

nicole on


Beth on

How old is she again?

Rachel on

I sure as heck wouldn’t wear this outfit…but heck, she Mariah Carey! She has worked her butt of for years, I think she’s entitled to wear whatever the heck she wants to

Mish on

Uh, HELLO, can you say ’80s? MARIAH — girl step into this CENTURY!!

holly on

mariah carey does her best to look like a ‘ho. aparently, she believes she has a body to show off. i’m SO tired of seeing her; and drew; and madonna; and eva.

Diana Cuevas on

Mariah you are the best I LOVE YOU….You look good in anything you wear.

AmandaLee on

Mariah is gorgeous in whatever she wears!!! the outfit looks comfy & as her TRUE fans know (not all u haters), she wears heels with everything! Love it or Hate it… she graced your page with her STYLE presence! Look @ nicole richie or lindsy lohan… Bohemian yuck next 2 Mariah!

meesh on

okay one of the best singers in the world, loved her first album and this last one is okay, but by far the worst dressed in hollywood. Someone should take her stylist to clinton and stacy on WHAT NOT TO WEAR.

KAT on


Beckie on

I am sorry, but she needs to learn to dress a little more appropriate for her age. A person can still look sexy and appealing without all the bells and whistles. She needs to tone it down about 5-6 knotches.

Girl form Belgium,, Tess on

I think she has to remember here age!

DD on

The outfit isn’t THAT bad but the shoes are RIDICULOUS!!! They’re dressy, the outfit is casual & it does not go together at all.

Lize-mari on

She looks like a Zebra!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!! A stipe toppie is fine, but not everything stripe. That just dont work!!!!!!!!!!

Kirstin on

I love Mariah…but this look is just not good for her…it takes away from her figure.

Madison on

She won’t be needing the prison outfit, since she already owns it…what a crime!

Laura on

I think that she isn’t exactly setting a good example, but she is definitely talented, which is what I think we are overlooking here. I can’t say that what she’s wearing is something that I’d let my daughter wear, but what she wants to wear is what she wants to wear. Let her wear it!

Alicia on

Over the top. Always way too much going on with her wardrobe.

Maddy on

Wow, I love her outfit. She is so pretty.

Susan Frazee on

I cannot stand Mariah Carey’s style! She has always dressed like a teenager, and she’s pretty far removed from that stage….I rate her outfit a “blargh!”

Annie on

Another case of “you can take the girl out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park out of the girl”….

Alisha on

I miss the old Size 2 Mariah, who was too scared to even wear something like this.

Gabi on

ugghhhh…what did she smoke?

Kimberly on

I give her a 10…a -10 that is! I too used to forgive her because of the talent, but lately, its getting hard to do. Plus, the wardrobe coupled with the over-the-top diva thing is making forgiveness down right impossible. Someone, anyone, help her! Pleeeeeeeeeeease!

lyndsie on

haha she looks like shes wearing a onsie (like baby clothes :)) she shouldnt match her shorts and top with ugly jail stripes.
bye the way sweetie…ur not 20 so u shouldnt be looking like a s*ut. start wearing fahionable clothes that fit for ur age!!! :)

Norah on

This outfit isnt half as bad as what other celebs have been wearing latley. Mariah is still cute. I don’t know if anyone noticed the crotch on her shorts is baggy and looks like she may not be female!

Nikki on

I love Mariah, I listen to all her music and I think she is beautiful but I don’t really like her style. I think she need’s to dress more her age, she dresses like a teenager and she alway’s look’s so stiff when she has her high heel’s on, like she can’t move!

Ofelia on

she can wear whatever she wants!!! She looks good!!! Probaly what we wear is a BIG NO NO!!!!

thursday on

no, no, no. everything about her and her “fashion sense” is wrong. here it is proven.

Kelly on

It is not with jealousy that all of these women are responding it, it is instead, with good taste and decorum. Mariah dresses entirely too “young” for her age. What she needs is a stylist who can explain to her that: sometimes, less is more. She should take a good, long look at the majority of Hollywood women in her age group – most dress with style and taste, and do not feel the need to show the world what should be private. Less IS More!

Alicia on

Mariah used to be a good girl… but now, I really cannot understand what’s gotten into her.
I guess that’s what fame is all about.
I’d rate her zero and beg her to be natural, it suits her better!

Lizzie on

She really needs to learn how to dress appropriately. She does not look good in anything she wears. She should definitely take a look at the women’s section, not the junior’s.


She reminds me of my 50 year old mother in law who refuses to dress or act any older than 18! It’s just ridiculous!! I’ve always liked Mariah’s music, but always thought her to be more than just a little phony!! She does not seem real to me on any level!!! She seems to me someone who is desperate for attention & has found that flaunting as much skin as possible, as often as possible, the easiest way to get it. She looks like “Ghetto Barbie.” It’s just sad really.

traci on

Mariah has an awesome voice but her style is just EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!Traci

Jess on

Love her new music, but hate her style. I’m sorry, but when you reach a certain age. I don’t care how beautiful and fit you are. Cover it up! You won’t look sexy, you’ll only look like an old lady in denial trying to recapture your youth!

Lou on

I think Mariah looks great. I hear everybody complaining about leaving more to the imagination, i don’t know what she’s showing that’s so provocative, I don’t see her boobs hanging out in any way. It just looks like if she is showing alot because she has long legs, so it looks like more skin that what it really is. Mariah has a great body and looks really good for her age I think she should wear what ever she wants. No body complains when JHO wears see through top to award show and nipples showing, but i forgot that’s classy. And Jessica simpson doesn’t look any innocent than what Mariah does, it just that she’ short compare to Mariah.

Lisa on

much too old (and plump) to be showing her booty

nace on



I’ve always loved Mariah shes my all time favorite , but im not likeinq her hair , too puffy . But Mariah I love you and your concert rocked !

Lacey on

I love Mariah so much, been a huge fan for over 10 years…but the girl needs some help dressing. She’s accomplished so much and is so successful…I just wish she’d change her style! Mariah, your CT concert was great!

Martha on

.. I would rate her a 6, aside of her sluttyness and disgousting stomach.

Lynn on

I miss the Mairah Carey that first started her singing career. She dressed much better in those days nice, sexy, and apporiate.

ashlyn on

She did not look like she used to be a man!! & she is not the kind of person who would get plastic surgury. SHe was born georgous!!!! Stop hating on Mariah Everybody!! I think she looks flantastic!!!!

ajiri on

y’all know she’s a star. why are you hating. one moment we complain that stars are boring yet we hate on them when they are glamourous. she looks cool only because she’s a star

duri on

even though that she is not able to dress perfectly everyday, at the MSG concert in NY, she looked soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fabulous that the only thing that topped her outfit was her voice and attitude. she was so cool it hurts. one advice, first we should all look at ourselves how are we sometimes dressed and then we are able to put our comments on other people. how many of you “fashion experts” would like Mariah to comment your singing, huh??

See ya and have a nice day :}

James on

She is one of the most Beautiful Women in the world, just like fine wine, she keeps getting better!



night on

Oh my gawd….she looks like trash. No matter how well she sings, she looks like trash. Where in the world do the sell clothes like this…I want to make sure I NEVER shop there.

Jeremy on

Mariah is the perfect 10 of all celebrities, with her voice, personality, love for her fans and definatly her awsome figure

anesha on

i always love mimi but that outfit just isnt her:) :)

Gene on

mariah could wear a burlap sack and still look good , she is gorgeous i would die to meet her , mariah you rock , keep being yourself ..

Maria on

I love Mariah’s music, she is tops. But since she came out of her emotional breakdown she started to wear clothes that make her look trashie. I think she needs to take a long look at herself and learn what is appropriate for day wear and if she goes out in the evenings and wants to look trashie than she has that option. Like I said I like her music but she needs someone to show her what to wear.

Lisa on

It’s sad that a beautiful woman who could look classy with the right clothes looks so trashy. There’s something wrong with the way these shorts fit – it looks like she’s wearing a diaper.

Jenn on

I think she looks horrible.

Andreika on

People keek knocking Mariah for being herself and dressing how she wants, but I commend her for that. No I may not agree with everything that she wears butI am positive that everyone doesnt agree with all of the the things I wear or what anybody else in the world wears. But guess what, I wear it anyway no matter what other people think and that is what Mariah is doing, so dont insult her for wearing what obviously makes her feel comfortable

D on


Why can’t she just wear whatever the hell she wants to wear? Just because she’s not as uptight as you all are doesn’t mean you should be so rude about something that you probably couldn’t even fit into.

Lynnette on

Didn’t her mamma ever tell her you are not suppose to wear stripes going in that direction with a full figure body? Always up and down! Cute outfit if it were only in a solid color.

Jodie on

“All I a want for Christmas is a new stylist…” Horrid! Too bad she has a great voice but doesn’t know how to dress, especially when she can afford anything. Someone please help her!!!!!!

ericasharlette on

P.S. Rebecca Shervey? Props to you girl, I am SO glad to see some folk talk intelligent SENSE on these pages!

And for “non-jealous group”. OK, you’re NOT jealous? Fine, but how else would you explain some of the meanspirited, spiteful, uncalled for nonsense that alot of you post all over the place? And why is it you reserve all this venom for the woman just because you don’t like her clothes?

All of this “she looks like a hoe” crap; maybe you need to check a dictionary for the ACTUAL definition of the word, because last time I checked, the word referred to ACTIONS not APPEARANCES. A “hoe” could describe anyone from from a lapdancer to a librarian, but unless I’m mistaken, there is no uniform connection between the two, so who are you or anyone else to classify another human being like that when you can’t even get the definition of your insults right?!?

blondie on

im soooooooo sorry to say this to u but u look like a prison runaway and anybody that thinks this outfit is goooood must be stupid

Rachel on

I give it a 2. Total trash!

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