Katie Holmes is Steppin' Out

08/21/2006 at 06:00 AM ET

We love seeing new moms get all glammed up again, but we were a little surprised to see Katie Holmes wearing those sky-high YSL pumps just to go shopping at Barneys. With those thick platforms and cone heels, the New Look shoes are clearly what’s in for Fall, but they are so high that they make us nervous that she’s headed for an actual fall! Is it just that she can wear such high heels when her slightly-shorter fiance isn’t around? Or does she really find them comfortable enough to shop in? Our sneaker-shod feet salute you!

Tell us: What do you think of Katie’s shoes? Would you wear heels this high?

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Photo: Madison-MWD-AlphaX/X17 (2)

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Evelyn on

They can’t be comfortable because although they ARE platforms, they still have too much of an incline. I agree: Kudos to new moms who put their best foor forward, but please don’t risk your neck, back and knees! You’ll need them!

Christine on

Is that even Katie Holmes????? Sure as heck doesn’t look like it. The shoes rock, but look more like a fall fashion accessory.

Cristan on

This does not look like Katie Holmes at all. I think this is an impersonator.

Brigitte on

If I could wear and be comfortable in them, sure I would…Sure, why not?

Sue on

Although I love Katie’s shoes, I would NOT choose to go shopping in them. When shopping, I go with comfort clothes (and shoes) all the way. Blue jeans, a cute comfy top, and a cute pair of slip on shoes are my usual shopping duds. I love Katie though. She’s beautiful!

Jess on

I agree that the incline is too high to be comfortable for shopping, I like the shoes though…HATE the shirt, she’s a mom now, not a grandma.

laura on

those shoes are really cute and good for her if she wants to wear them. so what if tom is shorter than her. if she wants to wear heals, she can…provided she doesn’t walk funny in them. i would love to wear those but being 6′, that would be a little reduculous. 2 1/2″ is the most i wear.

Lisa on

There are a lot of women who feel more comfortable in heels. It’s like their feet were made for them. I can only go for a couple hours in them before the aching starts. I just think she’s been in sweats and spit up for months and wanted to feel beautiful and glam. She definitely achieved it! She looks beautiful.

Bunky on

Yay on the heels. Nay on the Blue Blockers.

Joy on

So. Many. Things. Wrong.
First off….The shoes are made for the stage, not for shopping. And when I say stage, I don’t mean the theatre. The billowing shirt looks like something Barbara Steisand wore in the 1970’s. The belt is too high and the pants are too long, giving the impression of leg warmers at the bottom. The girl needs a stylist. STAT!

Dina on

LOVE the shoes but they’re tough for a shortie like me to pull off. That uber-high heel throws me out of proportion.

Deanna on

I personally don’t like the shoes. I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of a gal anyway, but when I do dress up, I tend wear more classic looks. I don’t particularly care for platforms, but hey…to each their own, right?

I agree…I think this lady is a Katie impersonator. Katie probably slipped out the back door as usual, while sending this lady out the front for the photo op and a clean getaway!

Lindsay on

I think this is a sign to Tom that if he doesn’t let her have more freedom, then she’s going to take her sexy high heeled self and baby away. Keep walking talk Katie er Kate and good luck.

Lena on

My god, she’s so pale that I thought she was wearing socks with her tall heels… the girl needs to get some sun!

J on

I hate those shoes, they are rediculous and don’t make sense on anyone but a stripper!

Michelle on

I am sorry but this is NOT Katie. The shoes are a little much for shopping, however, if she was going out to diner, maybe.

Tia on

I’m not a fan of Katie or her clothes. The shirt is overdone, but the slouchy leggings look frumpy. The sky-high shoes seem like a way to get attention, just like everything Tom and Katie do.

Becky on

That does not look like Katie Holmes at all! I think it’s a look-alike and the real Kate Holmes is locked up in Tom’s fortress somewhere. As for the shoes – I love high heels, I’m one of those women who is much more comfortable in them….but these are a ghastly nightmare. The entire ensemble is disappointing.

Leni on

The whole look is a bit too “Morticia Adams” for me. I agree with Lena, she definitely needs some sun.

Jennifer on

I would fall and break my neck. But, she is a lot younger than me.

mega on

can you say rocky horror picture show?! those are the same platforms that tim curry wore as frank-n-furter the space alien transvestite…so yes, you guys are on to something, that’s not really katie, but an imposter alien who will actually be beamed back to the home planet any day now…

and some flares would be a better choice overthose straigh-leg pants..maybe her hem was too long..

Dinka Doo on

I adore them and would wear them as long as my tootsies could handle it. I have a couple pair of Bongos that are probably not quite that high, but close. They are surprisingly comfortable and I’ve shopped in them before. Depends on how these are built, but I’d do it if I could!

Abby on

Love Them! But couldn’t wear them – too high.

Amy O. on

Just beacuse she’s engaged to a forty-five year old, does not mean she has to dress like one too. Dress your age Katie, you’re only 28!!

Courtney on

I personally think those are ugly….and so is the whole oufit.

Misty on

I think that looks more like Penelope Cruz than Katie. I don’t like those shoes at all!

~Andrea~ on

That is not a “daytime” shoe the only girls that I know that where that type of shoe out mostly “walk the street” at night. And I’m sure Tom dislikes them as well cause she is Amazon women next to him with those shoes… yikes

Stephanie Goldberg on

I think she’s forced to wear those shoes so she can’t run the hell away from Tom and the Church of Scientology.

krystal on

i dont like the shoes and i dont think she should wear heals that high considering she’s already taller then Tom now she’s really gonna tower over him… Some quick advice for Katie get a pair of running shoes and run as far away from Tom as possible before he completely takes you into his darkened world.

Shauna on

these shoes are the b-e-s-t!!

they are really really cute and i would SO where them!

i think that personally, i was born in heels, (not literally, obviously) but i know that i would be comfortable in them and i would like to compliment Katie on wearing them in public!

maybe next time she should dress them up and really bring the attention on them by wearing a short, miu miu dress, or be casual with cargo pants and a cap sleeved top.

but good choice with the skinny jeans!


Deb on

I think, if this truly IS Katie, she might be still carrying some baby weight which is why she is still wearing black all the time and big shirts. She never used to dress like that. My goodness, she was thin as a rail. In any event, I don’t think the skinny jeans are good for her at the moment, and neither is the top. Better to have gone with a babydoll top and something with a flare, or even a tulip skirt. The shoes? Not to shop in. But that’s just me.

lala on

I wouldn’t wear high heels like that. I mean it looks great on her but they don’t look that comferting. And anyway who would wear heels like that to go shopping!

Vicky on

She’s a little strange, to be sure, but the shoes are great, and even though I’m nicely over 40, I’d wear them.

Jules on

OMG that is SO NOT KATIE…that’s just a look a like..i cant stand when ppl cant tell! it seriously does not look like her

Natalia on

This lady doesn’t look like Katie!!! The first time I saw the photo I thought that was Penelope Cruise!!!

jennifer on

all i can say is she is dirty for it !!!!!!! that whole outfit is tacky and makes her look like she bought those a kmart or a consignment shop !

Jen on

The shoes by themselves are not bad, but her outfit is just awful!

Ventura on

So Katie’s like what? 5’9″ 5’10″or so in flats. These would make her about 6’3.” These shoes would put her in freak land. It’s my personal theory that Katie has had more trouble losing her “baby weight” than she expected. These pictures show her at close to pre-pregnancy size (a little bigger in the butt now than before.) I think she was at Barney’s to get new clothes to celebrate her final weight loss (She looks to have lost some between Teluride and now.)
I can’t decide who looks sillier in these gi-normous heels. The Olsen twins at 2 feet tall or Katie at 20 feet tall.



Ericka on

They are pretty but not for shopping.. she probably feels thinner in them…

Rachel on

Ok…anyone else think that she looks like a clown? Skinny pants are in…but please wear them the right way. Also, the shirt look like a balloon. The heels…could be great with another outfit.

stephannie on

i give katie props she is just gorgeous and talented. but whats up with the tom cruise thing, he is so old. he used to be hot back in the 80s…

Laura on

Seriously, who is that?? She looks like she’s from the 80s now too! Tom must have made sure she entirely covered her body-wouldn’t want anyone to see what she’s got!!

Traci Brown on

This outfit is not what I would expect from Katie. The shoes are WAAAAAY to high to shop in for sure. I do LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Katies new hairstyle with the bangs. I think she is even prettier after becomming a mom. She and Tom make a gorgeous couple

Traci Brown on

I think the shoes are insane to shop in but katies new hairstyle is just so gorgeous on her!!! She is even MORE gorgeous since giving birth

Dawn on

What a terrible outfit for such a cute girl! The shoes are cool but the outfit is way too old for her and isn’t it still summer?

kayla on

I think katie has looked different ever since she had the baby. Maybe this is an imposter ‘katie’ and the real one is in some dungeon somewhere. and the shoes are hiddeious. I wouldnt wear them, especially to go shopping!

LuLu on

Ohhh she looks wiered !

lilika on

I think they are not beautiful, and least comfortably…

S P on

I personally would not wear that outfit with those shoes. I agree with other people that this does not even look like Katie Holmes. Is Tom now controlling her wardrobe? He seems to like outrageous things including behavior.

Lisa on

Somebody save this girl – PLEASE!!! I think Tom (or his Scientology clan) have brainwashed this child! She used to be pretty. Now look at her! Ugh! Don’t just stop at tossing out the shoes! The whole outfit must go, along with that SHORT OLD MAN who took control of her. Throw these shoes at his head, honey, and RUN LIKE HELL!!

Sophi on

I seriously dislike skinny jeans because any type of shoe looks aweful due the the tapered end. Overall, Ms. Holmes doesn’t look bad. Too much shoe for that outfit she’s wearing.

Age on

She is wearing such high heels just in case Tom wants to go couch jumping…she can say no.

ilovejohnmayer on

give her a break… she just had a baby and can wear anything she wants to.

Kalley on

Wasn’t this picture ran when everyone was talking about how skinny Katie was getting? High heels make you look taller and slimmer – maybe it was a ploy??


I don’t think this pic looks much like Katie either. Who knows? I am a big fan of Katie love her but I do not like those shoes or the outfit.

Stephanie on

I think that if Katie wants to wear those shoes than she should. I walked around in heels when I was 8 months pregnant! If they look good, they shall be worn! If Beverly Hills is all about style, then why would she wear anything less?

Kelly on

Forget the shoes, did she have some work done on her face to look like Penelope Cruz? Maybe its just my imagination.

Cheryl on

Katie Holmes looks like Pen.Cruz in this photo. The shirt does nothing for her!!

Kay on

Katie is a classic beauty. She has played privileged young ladies in her movies and tv roles so she knows how heels feel. Besides Tom wears lifts in his shoes and has his own platform shoes if you look closely enough. She deserves to enjoy her height and beauty. I would be happy to see her wear something besides black. What is she mourning…..the loss of her independence?

heather on

i think that katie is too tall to wear high heels. people who are tall and wear them look like gaints. i think that short woman should wear them.

tomsucks on

That is so not Katiebear. And as for those shoes belonging on a stage, yeah they do.. one equipped with a pole!

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