Trend to Try: Heavier Brows

08/18/2006 at 12:50 PM ET

You already have your lip-plumpers and your push-up bras, but this fall, it’s all about boosting your brows. From Vogue to The New York Times, everyone is proclaiming the return of the heavy brow. Think Brooke Shields in her heyday, but a little less wild and a little more groomed, like Joy Bryant (left) and Keira Knightley’s arches. If your brows are currently skinny but you want to plump them up for fall, the process might take a while and require a little patience! Tweeze a little bit less every week as they grow in, and use eyebrow pencils or eyebrow powder to fill in the gaps. Once they get bushy, you can keep them in place with a little bit of clear mascara or brow gel while keeping the rest of your face fairly bare to avoid an all out 80’s redux.

Tell us: Will you be working a heavier brow this fall? For extra inspiration, check out our Brows Gallery to vote on who has the best brows in Hollwood.

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Photo:Robin Platzer/Twin Images; Jill Johnson/jpi

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Katie on

I’m so glad people are realizing how sexy full eyebrows are! I’ve had full eyebrows my entire life due to my Greek heritage and have never thought that thinner eyebrows suit my round face! Thank goodness for the fuller eyebrows! Now if we can just convince Hollywood that being fuller in the body can be sexy too…

Karen on

I’ve always thought that THIN eyebrows are extremely tacky!!!

Megan on

Amen, sister! I like my eyebrows groomed but not pencil-thin.

Shasha on

I’ve always had very heavy brows and I hate tweezing and treading so I usally do this!

Hali on

OMG I would never Be seen in public skinny minnie Brows

That is so tacky!

Hali on

OMG Girls look so ugly when they have itsy bitsy skinny minnie brows

I would hope they don’t go out in public

Amy O. on

In my opinion, eyebrows make the biggest difference in a person’s look. You can be the prettiest girl, and if your eyebrows are messed up, then you won’t look as good.

Sue on

I have never wanted to arbitrarily pull out hair in my eyebrows. It just seems a bit extreme. I’ve seen too many people tweeze them to the point where they look permanently surprised. I even had a cousin that decided to shave hers off and pencil them in completely. Why? There are many ways to minimize them without pulling them out. I’ve never had any friends or family tell me that it’s time to tweeze them. I’m 35. Why would I start now? I’m glad to see others finally embracing this!

Katie on

Yaaay Much less work!!!

christine on

full brows are hot and exotic! i have full brows and i’m proud of them!

me, myself & I on

EEEEWWWWWWWWW!!!! THAT IS LIKE TOTALLY GROSS!!!!! if i would have seen a lady walking around with big bushy eyebrows, i would have plucked them for her. its sooo ugly to have bushy eyebrows, then you start looking like a man. DISGUSTING!!!!

G.E. on

Wait a second. first I’m a man but that doesn’t mean that i cannot vote, well i think women looks very sexy whit large brows ! look Keyra. It’s time to give a twist to brows fashion and try something new ! U don’t have nothing to Lost maybe a just a few minutes…

semisocial on

i’m with you.
I think that bushy brows look like crap. Kiera Knightley’s look messy, Joy’s look like they haven’t been touched EVER.

Katie on

I think that Keira Knightley is very beautiful .. when you look at her you dont notice her eyebrows.. yeah she should trim them a little.. but she is beautiful.

Shasha on

As a kid cuz of my heritage I always had really heavy brows and I was self consious and Im glad Keira and Joy are embracing it

jennifer on

first of all i think fat eyebrows are very sexy in a woman
because it gives her a very nice natural look not like other woman that have really thin ugly eyebrows that look like a line i had really thin eyebrows and my whole eyes looked ugly and puffy i used to think that i needed more sleep but no my thin eyebrows were making my whole eyes look ugly so what i did was i let them grow and twist them in a nice shape and my whole eye looks really nice i them love the look now if there bushy just cut them a little bit and there going to look really nice

Alyssa on

Thick eyebrows on women are tacky and look like there is bushes growing on their face

Wax em’ PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

Roni on

Finally the pencil thin look is out! Kiera is absolutly beautiful. Thanks Kiera for making thick brows look sexy again!

Alicia on

Wouldn’t it be nice, if one morning, we all woke up,looked in the mirror and actually liked what we were looking at? No plucking, poking, squeezing, tweezing, trends, blah, blah, blah. Just, “well, there’s me and I look beautiful today just the way I am”. Of course, that isn’t reality SO my opinion on the brow issue is that everybody looks best as close to natural as they can get. If your brows are naturally heavy, trim them up (no unibrows please)and shape them to suit your face-but don’t obliterate them- AND if they are naturally thin, leave them alone! THEN, look in the mirror and say “I look beautiful just the way I am…now.”

andreina on

Finally thick brows are back in. My waiting hasn’t been in vain. I wanna see how all you who plucked them away into a freaking thin line, are going to grow them back. Most wont be able to, since once you pluck they never grow back the same…

~Andrea~ on

Just because something is a “trend” does not mean that You necessarily have to go with the trends if it is not flattering to YOU. It’s all about creating the best shape brow for YOUR face. IF it is a Trendy purse or shoes that’s one thing but to change your brows and haircolor .. oh and skin color to look tendy that’s …..well, alot of work. It’s all about Enancing what you have not trying to look like someone else.

Courtney on

Eyebrows help shape your face. A groomed brow always looks good. Either extreme – too thick or too thin – doesn’t look good.

Joy’s brows could be shaped a bit more but she and Keira look great with thick brows!

Is it me or is it odd that the thickness of your brows varies with the seasons? Shouldn’t it be whatever looks best on your face?

Candace on

We girls are way too hard on ourselves! We wonder why men can’t respect us … it because we dont respect ourselves. We need to open up or eyes and take a long look around. We are all human and no one is perfect, so, we have to accept this and learn to love yourself the way you are, whether you have thin eyebrows, or thick ones; whether you are naturally skinny, or curvy! no two girls are the same and we should celebrate our individuality! Don’t fall into these trends … be yourself! That’s the only way people will really be liking you for YOU .. and not someone you are trying to be!

Nick on

The fuller brow is SO much prettier than the skinny brows or no brows at all but just the pencil brows.

Lets get away from the grandma scary and frightening look of plucked brows down to nothing.

diedra on

Oh thank god!!! At last!!! Fnally people realize that being natural is COOL! I’ve always had thin eyebrows because i though that to have havier is ugly. but a few years later i said goodbye to thin eyebrows because i started hating them! i wanted to look more natural!

Tasha on

Im not much for the bushy brows, I keep mine nice and shaped but I definitly dont like the skinny drawn on looking brows either. Bigger but shaped brows look nice on everyone.

Kim on

I love the thicker eyebrows. The thinner brows make you look older.

Rish on

I personally think that it depends on the shape of the persons face, but a bushy eyebrow looks very unkept! and grizzly! It could be full but still arch in a nice shape, not straight across like Keira or very uneven like Joy.

krista on

Unkept eyebrows are as bad as unshaved legs!

Dawn on

Love fuller eyebrows!!!

traci on

Yeah for the more natural, thicker eyebrow. You can stil keep them shaped and clean without plucking them to death. Does everyone not know thin brows age you????

LaTissia on

I think thick eyebrows depends on the frame of the face. But just gotta quick question with the sista on the left since when did Black folks blush???? And yes I’m a black girl, native of Zaragosa, Spain.

Miss on

Yay for natural beauty, there are a lot of benefits in it cuz I know when I pluck I get a lot of swellings and have to suffer with a huge bump on my forehead until it heals up. I’m glad people are begining to appreciate fuller brows, you will occassionally see models with full brows and they look so beautiful, I don’t think it’s fair that society has to outline what the brow has to look like (ie. thin.. shaped.. blah blah) We really should have more out there about full brows, this isn’t enough!!! Ladies.. BE PROUD.

ghosty on

Physically speaking, nothing is more attractive than a girl with thick eyebrows.
But here’s the thing… it doesn’t do anything if she doesn’t also have big eyes, big eyes are a must for making thick eyebrows work.

Jade on

Im so relieved that people have now realised that the thick eyebrow is a lot more sexy. When i was younger my older sister used 2 pluck hers sooooooo thin she looked like an alien with a big forehead! So when i started plucking mine i decided than thin eyebrows are not the way to go.

manny on

I think thick brows make girl look more sexier and more like a woman. In my class there’s a girl who has thick brows and she looks more beautiful and more like a woman than other girls who have skinny brows in the class.

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