Can We Talk About Last Night's Project Runway?

08/17/2006 at 11:00 AM ET

In Waste Not Want Not the designers were given a challenge that tested their resourcefulness: They were asked to create a runway look based on materials found at a garbage recycling plant (in New Jersey, none the less!). Using things like Mylar, newspapers, and rice sacks, the contestants made dresses that ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous. Lovely Alison (left) was sent home for making a frock that was unflattering and ill conceived. Michael was crowned winner for the second week in a row for his chic nighttime look. Click through to the next page to read more and leave a comment.

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Angela M. says:

Finally! A fun challenge! The past few episodes have had me craving something like those trips to grocery stores or flower markets from previous seasons. Wacky stuff came down the runway tonight. Yes, Alison’s outfit may have looked like a “fat minnie mouse” dress, but I think she got kicked off cause she’s doesn’t make as good TV as the truly nutty Vincent. The best part of the night was watching Jeffrey practically implode when he didn’t win. I thought his overly-tattooed neck was gonna burst a vein. Go Michael! Go Michael! … But one request for next week: Can one of the judges PLEASE criticize Laura for making the same dress for each challenge. It’s soooo boring, and she’s such a meanie! (Not nearly as mean as Nina though. Man, she gets tougher each week!)

Melissa says:

YAY!!!!! I am so psyched for Michael. He really does make clothing you would want to wear, if you were a little chicer than you actually are. My big surprise is that Uli’s beautiful braided dress didn’t make it into the top 3. Jeffrey’s dress was cool, but like all of his clothes, just too costumey for real life which is holding him back from winning. A total bonus was that Robert finally made a pretty dress again. Whew. And Vincent is making me fly into psychotic rages. Enough. Just enough. And totally agree with you- Laura’s clothing are so painfully boring. Enough of her and her snide nastiness too.

A side complaint– a female designer should be no more accountable for making a woman look svelte than a man. That is horrible double standard, and one that I am surprised that the judges would perpetuate. I felt so awful for the model, who looked like she wanted the runway to swallow her. Not everything in fashion is meant to be slimming- this fall’s New Volume, anyone?

Clarissa Says:
Am I the only one who noticed Laura’s boob popping out at the end of the episode? That’s one visual I would like to have erased from my memory forever. (The sight of Tim Gunn in a hard hat and goggles, however, was priceless.) Anyway, I digress…Yay, Michael! It’s so obvious that the judges (even cranky Nina) are in love with him. As for Alison, I’m sad to see her go–even though her dress was a “paper brioche,” all her other designs were great. And I’m totally with you on the female designer accountability argument, Melissa.

Serena Says:
I agree about Laura — the judges gushes about how impeccably chic she is yet where is her creativity? She keeps creating the same streamlined look over and over again. As for her meanness — she seems to feel the right to be the show’s dominatrix, cracking the whip on all the behavior she doesn’t
like. And, yes, her boob was on the verge of creating a total wardrobe malfunction! As for Jeffrey — what his problem? He’s such a whiner, though I have to say I did like his dress. Poor little Alison — she’s in the middle of a tearful goodbye as Laura and Vincent are at each other’s
throats. Priceless moment: Vincent telling Laura to “go stick some Harry Winstons up your nose.” Hee hee.

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Kelly on

I am so thrilled for Michael, as once again, he makes a stunning outfit.
I, like Clarissa, did notice the Laura boob incident and I was totally disgusted. Not only that, but I was disgusted with her attitude this week and her dress was the same as every other thing she’s made on the show.
I felt terribly for Alison, as I think this is really the only time she’s made a big error. I think Vincent should have left due to the fact that the dress he made was not great and he’s made multitudes of mistakes and continues to just barely squeak by. I agree with Angela M on the fact that Alison was probably booted on the fact that she’s not as “entertaining” as Vincent for TV audiences.

kim on

As someone who has been a design student, there is nothing more madening than a person who gets constant praise for not pushing it AT ALL, if everyone made only safe, chic choices, the world would be a very boring, stagnet place. The way greats are made is letting people puch themselves and their concept of beautiful. Laura’s dress did look nice, but much too safe, you could buy it at JC Penny.

Kristy on

It makes me so angry that for the 6th week in a row Vincent has made some horribly ugly to look at yet he keeps getting to stay while other designers that are actually SANE are going home! I didn’t think Alison deserved to go home over Vincent at all. But I also think Jeffery’s dress was much more appealing than Michael’s. I’m not saying he shouldn’t have won, it’s my own taste but the newspaper was so awesome! Am I the only one sad to see Alison go? Do the producers feel they have to keep insane people like Vincent around for show drama??

Dolly on

Are the judges temporarily insane? Or jealous?? Yes to both! THE ONLY REASON they chose Vincent over Alison is for the DRAMA factor! Vincent adds a disgusting/freak/weirdo factor that keeps twisted people interested! Alison has class! And apparently class has no place on BRAVO TV ratings!! My hope is that Alison will get a measure of exposure that will lead to her discovery and ultimate future success! I was rooting for her from Day One! Please, Heidi, put a twist on this year’s show that gives Alison another chance! Then, and only then, will I admit to enjoying a program that’s a little twisted!!

Sara on

I think that Vincent should have gotten the big boot. He could not have scared television audiences more than with his shout-outs about being “turned on” by his designs that reminded him of “children’s coloring”. Gross! Alison was a much better designer and this was her first big oops moment. She is much better to watch than Vincent!

dwayne on

I was sad to see Allison go. She is more creative and talented than Vincent. Vincent is just scary, even worse than Santino. I felt bad for Allison’s model too. Vincent is just so odd. He is such a freak. His design was not functional at all. It looked like his model was wearing a dress made from double stick tape and she was in a wind storm with debris sticking to her dress. As for Laura. Even though she is being a crab, I still like her. I just wish she would push out of her comfort zone. Her clothes fit the models well, she just doesn’t push the envelope. Jefferey finally made something I like. He made trash look good, usually he makes his outfits look like trash. I think Kayne and Robert have a bit of a thing for each other. Way too nice to each other. Or it could be that everyone else is just overly mean to each other. I am still yet to be wowed this season. So far Michael is my favorite, but I still think everyone this season is playing it too safe. Come on people, you have 2 previous seasons of designers to be compared to. You need to make yourselves remembered!

Allison T, on

I was happy for Michael, sad for Alison, and totally annoyed that Vincent is still on the show — I can only hope he’s the next one to go! As for the judges rationale, I also think it’s silly to assume that women are more responsible for making a garment that is flattering than a man. I mean a designer is a designer and the same standards should apply to both. That said, I think the show just gets more and more exciting as one becomes more and more attached to — or more and more disgusted with — the designers they like and dislike. I have two questions, though: who designed the truly ugly blue dress Heidi wore at the beginning of the show and who designed the totally cool black t-shirt that she paired off with jeans?

Jen on

I think we need to remember that it’s a tv show and the four judges that we see on tv are not the only “judges” that the show has. In many competitions where a panel votes (unline the audience voting shows) there are usually several producers behind the scenes. They want good tv, they want drama and if a designer isn’t a favorite, just good (like Alison)they’ll kick her off over the potential fight between Vincent and Laura. I felt that way during season one where Austin was kicked off and Wendy Pepper went on…oh that finale was full of tension in that chic New York Hotel Room…

Melissa on

I agree with everyone… Vincent should have gone home! Not only is he crazy but all his outfits are ugly. Alison truely deserved to stay. I also agree that Laura is way too safe with her designs. Yes, they are pretty but how successful can you be designing the same thing over and over but in different colors. I also think its time for ugly rosette lady (her name escapes me at the moment) to go home. I look forward to see what drama unfolds between her and Jeffrey next week.

Julie Alderman on

I thought Alison’s dress was okay. The whole Minnie Mouse hairdo was awful. The point of the show is about FASHION. While the whole hair thing was a HUGE mistake I thought Vincent’s crazyness in past challenges should have been taken into account. Everytime Vincent has been called to say on the runway he has always been in the bottom group. Alison has never been in the bottom group before. I personally think that Heidi Klum is not dumb. She is the host as well as a judges and an executive producer of the show. Heidi knows what people want. Everyone wants someone on the show who they love to hate. For me that person is Vincent. Whatcha gonna do? Alison, if you’re reading this please shout out at me.

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