Would You Wear It? Paris's Technicolor Dresses

08/14/2006 at 04:50 PM ET

Paris Hilton is generally hard to miss, but with her new wardrobe formula, it’s virtually impossible. Take one brightly colored dress (primary colors are best), add a very wide belt, heels, purse, headband, and sunglasses in a contrasting but equally vibrant color. Top with long, platinum curls, and ta-da! It’s the cartoon version of Paris, perfect for day or night. Is this in honor of a Hello Kitty doll being created in her image, or could it be that this is her version of going back to basics?

What do you think of Paris’s new technicolor wardrobe? Would you wear it?

To see more of Paris Hilton’s questionable fashion choices click here


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sam on

these outfits are one of the few things i like about paris hilton. very cute!

caitlin on

i think these are sooo cute! i would totally wear them. although im not a fan of paris hilton herself i definitely love her clothes!

Natalie on

I don’t particularily like Paris Hilton, but these dresses are adorable. I would definately wear the first and second one. They are so cute with the high waisted chunky belts, and the colours are very bright and different, making anyone stand out at any occasion.

Fenna on

If I had a body like that, I would wear such dresses for sure.

Megan on

A fashionista does not a good person make! Who care’s what she’s wearing- she’s ugly on the inside.

melissa on

I hate Paris, but these outfits are actually cute. She doesn’t look like too much of a hoochie for once.



nancyramirez on

i love paris ,and her outfits are real cute.

brigitte on

The bright colors are fresh and amazing! I really think that these dresses work for Paris. I would wear all of them.

Monique on

My, my ….we are hard on Paris!!!
For the season, the colours and dresses are amazing.
Belts are back in. It’s a look. What’s so complicated matching them with a same coloured purse and “ta da” you have a new trend? Doesn’t take a genious now does it? …sorry Paris ;-)
However, it is a great, fresh colourful look.

Cristina on

No way. she looks like a little 12 year old girl trying to get attention. You can tell she is not mature at all.

LaTisha on

Wow lots of Paris haters in here. She’s look beautiful as usual. All three of the dresses are amazing. Belts are making a comeback and these are three good of examples of how to wear them. Go Paris go 

laura on

no, i wouldn’t wear them. she’s ugly, the clothes are ugly…it’s a perfect match but her outfits are still busted.

hudaq on

if i had the same body !!! why not :)
….. some of her dresses are cute and some NOT !

Bre on

The dresses would be much more flattering if they were on a person who fit the image of the dresses. These dresses are more for your good image girl; not a girl like Paris Hilton who is known for sleeping around, being a party girl, and not caring what the public thinks about her. The dresses are cute…. just not cute on the person wearing them.

Miss G on

A LOT OF PARIS HATERS OUT THERE-YA THINK??? The dresses are very cute and yes I would wear them.

Cristina on

I like outfit # 3. I don’t hate Paris but I don’t like her either. I don’t think she has a fab body. She’s just skinny and that’s pretyy much it…

April on

Um, the outfits are cute…they are not as “busy” as what she normally wears…but it still does not hide the fact that she is the most annoying celebrity on earth!



LillyVanilly on

I like the orange one!

ME on

Although a lot of people couldn’t pull these outfits off they are very cute and she looks great in all of them. Except those sunglasses are ugly. All White sunglasses are ugly. I also love oversized sunglasses but that shape is terrible.

Kristen on

i think paris is sooo cute… and i would buy her outfits in a second

Mel on

I don’t like anything she wears or does! She was and always will be a SKANK! Good role model… don’t you think??

Roshelle on

I like the dresses with the accessories! The blet really brings the flavor and when you have nice accessories to go with the outfit something so simple can seem so BIG!!! And look there you have it, it’s Paris Hilton!

Marie Pedersson on

She pulls them off, it’s as simple as that. Sure, some of her endeavors are more of a hit than a miss, but she can wear most colors and styles, and look hotter than anybody.

brittany on

this is definately an attempt at going back to the pin-up era. but it’s not working. it’s more of a lame excuse to wear short dresses and flaunt her waist.

Kate on

I really like what she wears, but really, anyone could have been born into her situation. A so called ‘Heiress’: The Money, The Looks, The Fame, without even doing anything to make it all happen herself. I do applaud her however for trying to make a name for herself, with ‘The Stars Are Blind’. It must be difficult trying to make a name for yourself being a famous, wealthy girl. But, getting back on topic, I do like the new wardrobe. It looks as if she is looking like a 50’s Housewive with a twist.

lachick on

I think Paris has great fashion sense. I’m not quite a fan of hers, but she does look cute.


I give her credit for her dress styles…she has good taste. But other than that, I couldn’t think of anything positive to say.

Niki on

I am so over seeing her.

Valentina on

I love paris hilton total, fan of her,and yes i would wear that but if i had a body like hers.

Davis on

i love paris hilton she is soo sexy,i love the dresses.

Valentina on

love her dresses ,would wear them !!!!!!!

Ellie on

i love paris and the dresses w/ belts are sooo cute! i was just upset that on last night’s simple life it ended in a cliffhanger. i want paris and nicole to make up! but that’s a whole other story…

Ellie on

uh, cristina: how is being skinny NOT having a great body?! they have the best. SKINNY MINI’S RULE!

sharon on

One and two I would wear. Not crazy about the denim one with the dorky band at the hem.

SaNdRa WaNtS tO sEe SuRi on

Well ya these dresses are really cute. Paris has made her mistakes but come on e1 who of any of us are so pure to be able to judge her. Get over yourself people.

hey on

love her outfits cept for the last one. I would totally wear them. Theyre really cute !! (and not skanky like her usual attire)

Norah on

Paris is famous for nothing, except for making porn and being rich. But her dresses are hot, i have to admit.

shan on

I don’t really like Paris, but these dresses are cute especially the orange one. I would definitely wear it!

Haute Girl on

i’m so sick of paris hilton. her 15 minutes should be up by now. she’s so not haute. her dresses are though.

Lizzy on

Hey, if you’re going to be a joke, at least be a well-dressed joke.

Emily on

I normally don’t like Paris’s outfits but I really like these ones. I really like the yellow one. It looks very nice.

Anna Emerson on

Well i am completely in love with Paris and her new look. hink its a very fresh very cute look for her. I would deffiantely wear any of these dresses in a heart beat.

mono on

you don’t need too much creativity to match your purse to your shoes and your belt to your headband…do you?! Although I have to admit she doesn’t look too bad overall…

Emilou on

Why not? Her clothes may be too bright and wild at times, but there’s no denying that she’s a fashionista and this is one of the reasons why she would always catch your attention. I may not be a fan of Paris, but I have to say that she really looks good on every outfit that she wears. I would definitely wear these if given the chance.

Andrea G on

I think Paris is a genious. She’s making millions by doing nothing. That’s my lifelong dream!!! Her song, her perfume, and her show are known worldwide. She’s the only heiress who’s making millions on her own, instead of spending daddy’s. About her dresses, they remind of reese witherspoon in legally blond. Too colorful for my taste. Maybe its good for California but it may look ridiculous in other cities… I prefer more neutral colors even during summer.

anna on

paris looks like a 80s tecnic coloured doll ugly! she a beautiful girl why not do the natural look

EVE on

Paris Hilton can wear everything and will always look very cheap. It confirms, elegance and style is not a matter of money, but of attitude, creativity and gentleness.

CJ on

One looks like a denim Hefty sinch sack! Then again trash does belong in a garbage bag!

Hannah on

i don’t really like Paris, but she has a good fashion sense. These dresses are really cute

Cece on

It does not make a difference how she dresses. She had all the means of the world to grow up a knowledgeable and well educated person–hence a good role model. Instead she turned out to be the greatest joke of the century to the eyes of whoever is able to see through her. She exudes ostentation, exuberance and glamour without a touch of humanity or common sense despising anything that is not up to “her level.” She is all about looks and what money and power can do for her. Unfortunately, wearing those “cutesy” dresses only exacerbates the futile message she sends to the millions of teenagers that “drool” over her. I hope some day she’ll grow up and realize what a fool she’s been making of herself.

Sue on

I can’t really say that I’m a fan of Paris’, but if there’s one thing Paris knows how to do, it’s dressing cute. The way she dresses matches her attitude. Her attitude gets her noticed, so she wants her wardrobe to get her noticed as well. Paris may play the whole not so smart blonde role, but in all reality, she’s one smart chickadee! :) So yes, I would wear Paris’ new technicolor wardrobe! :)

Belinda on

The sense of style is impeccable, if only she had the persona to match it.

D on

PARIS is just HOT!!! And she is dressed hotter than hell!! I love her and well i can understand the people who hate her!!! THEY R JUST JEALOUS!!!!

me, myself & I on

the first and second dress are amazing, id wear the third dress but in a different color maybe.

me, myself & I on

the first and second dress are amazing, id wear the third dress but in a different color maybe.

me, myself & I on

the first and second dress are amazing, id wear the third dress but in a different color maybe.

Chantal on

If i had the body she has, heck ya i’d wear those dreses!

Erin on

I would deffinetely wear these dresses because they are different than any other dresses people are wearing, and they are cute.

Alicia on

We love to hate her…but we love her clothes- at least I do- right now anyway.

Cheryl on

Like Paris, these dresses/outfits are too loud and unattractive….

secondhand on

i hate paris hilton. she destroys anything she wears, even if the outfit is cute. i saw a picture of her and nicole richie wearing the same outfit and for some reason, paris just looked hella skanky while nicole looked classy. i have to admit, the first outfit is alrite. mostly cuz she actually looks normal. other than that, she just looks trashy.

Julia on


Kristin on

She can pull it off!

Elle on


Steph on

I think these dresses are cute, but can only be worn in certain environments. If the everyday girl were to wear them to the food store, it would be a disaster. Only a celebrity on the red carpet could pull those dresses off.

Karin on

N E V E R !

jena on

i love paris hilton and i am in love with her unique sense of style! she looks gorgeous in theses dresses and i would definatley wear them too!!

meredith on

I am not usually a Paris Hilton fan, but these outfits are very cute on her and I would even personally wear them. Good job Paris, way to look cute and not skanky all at the same time!

Cindy on

I used to hate her. She has money, looks and her comment on Simple Life, someone asked her “what do you think of people that have a job?” She said “what’s that?”

Imagine that, she gets to party every night, sleep in every day, buy whatever she wants – I think I’m jealous.

I wish I looked as good as her!!

rachel on

nownow, i dont think that it is very nice to be saying the things a lot of you are saying. i think all of us would love to be blessed with such a great bod, and such a adorable look. i must say im so dissapionted that she is one of the role models for americas children. i love the dresses on the right and left, im not so fond of the middle one. if your really worried about her life choices, pray for her, and keep the catty comments to yourself.

Delisha on

You people hating are just jealous. Paris is one of the few celebrities that can actually coordinate her attire and her accessories. She is very pretty and well put together. Her Personal life is none of your business. Get one of your own.

Robyn on

I would definately wear these dresses! They look awesome on Paris! I adore her. The way she acts on the Simple Life now a days is much different than when her and Nicole were actually friends. I have grown to like Paris a lot more and love the clothes she wears!

Stacy on

The belt look needs to go, pronto! Seriously, I don’t care how ‘in’ big belts are, they look terrible on everyone, Paris no exception. The only one of these dresses that is somewhat decent is the orange one but I would try a less daring plunge myself. That blue thing (Is it a dress? It is shapeless whatever it is.) is just awful.

Nikki on

I don’t really care for Paris but I must say the dresses she has on are very cute! I would definitly wear one of them.

Nicolette on

I love her orange dress. I’d wear it!

olivia on

some of them i would wear it would depend what brand and what it looks like but yeah what she wears is always so cute!!!

Monica on

No…I don’t think she ever looks good. She looks like a pornstar without the boobs. Her style is not somethig I would copy.

Grace McGeachie on

Of course! Paris has great style that matches her outgoing personality!

Gina on

Same pose and same simpering look on her face. Makes the dresses look as boring as she is

beth on

Please just stop showing her!!! Does anyone actually take what she is doing seriously?

Brynn on

Even at her most provocative moments Paris Hilton exudes CLASS and Elegance, most people reognize such qualities when they see them.
When Paris was a trusting young girl she had the misfortune to come across a creepy BF who published their private tape, but she went on to become sucessful in spite of this early setback. I respect and admire her for that.
I think Paris Hilton has impeccable taste and I like the way she has matured into a productive business woman/singer/song writer.
I pray that God will give her the righteous desires of her heart and bless her with the happy marriage she longs for.

Alex on

For all the people that start off with ‘I hate Paris but…’ I would like to ask you, have you met her? If not, what right do you have to judge her based on tabloid exploitation. Judge not lest ye be judged.

Jasmine on

I think Paris Hilton looks very sexy and hot and I would so were these dresses cuz they are very summer like clothes and very colorful and pretty. Thats Hot Paris!!

Michele on

Nope, wouldn’t want to wear what Paris has. To low and to cheezy looking. Who would want to wear what she wears anyway?

Tia on

The only thing that i was ever interested in about Paris was her really hot clothes and i wouldnt be caught dead in the blue one, maybe the other two but i dont love them. oh and i agree with cristina Paris doent have a hot bod.

miny on

I would. She is like one of the most best trend setters! Her taste in style is wonderful! I love her clothing. She is like a fashion role model for me!

Tiffany on

I would Definitly wear Paris’ dresses. Im a huge fan of her and of her sense of style. I think shes a cool person to hang out with.

LZ on

Paris is a beautiful girl who looks good in almost anything, however, these outfits are too much! They are a little cheesy and way too “matchy matchy”! For a girl who can afford any designer dud she wants, it’s a disappointment.

robbie on

i think they do not fit paris at all. they’re adorable.

Tammy on

No way in hell would I be caught dead in anything that person wears. Nor would I buy her perfume. Who wants to smell like a rotten crotch?

lola on

i cant stand her clothes … for a model she walks very ugly and her stance and posture is just plain ugly … her outfits are like little 7 year old girl clothes and I cant stand paris …. the only reason shes a somebody is because she’s rich as it gets she has a huge bird nose extensions has had plastic surgery and she’s def not talented just watch any of the simple lifes lol …

tiff on

Paris looks cute!! she’s the doll

linnie on

i think the dresses are OK on her, but i wont be caught dead in them. paris hilton looks OK, i guess, but it’s the inside that counts….everyone knows that…..and her inside is BAD!!!!!!!!

catherine on

Paris is the only person I know who is able to make even a Prada suit looking cheap… those dresses are no exception. The dresses are cute, but on her they are terrible!



Marika on

I love the dresses Paris has on. They are as light and summery as her HOT new song. Very 50’s and very classy!

Kandis on

I think her fashion statement is as tacky as her new album.

Brittany Ann on

I like the second dress the best, but overall, her new style is a much cuter, more appropriate way for her to grab attention.

Lisa on

some of her dresses r really hott and i luv her style!

Giovanna on

I´m love Paris Hilton, is beautiful, sexy girl, nad her body is nice. Viva Paris ¡¡¡¡

jessica on

I do not like anything at all about Paris.I think the clothes look crazy. Wanting to be somebody shes not!!

gfda on

i love it its so awesomee im a huge fan

krystal on

I think her style along with serval other stars these have no fassion. I dont understand how they can put together an outfit that dont even match andget away with it.If some one on the street would wear something like that he/she would be made fun of. You would think being rich you could at least hire a better stylist.

Caitlin B on

I don’t really like these outfits…….Sorry everyone:(

Becky on

Personally….I like the blue one the best.

Rachel on

Paris looks so cute in all of these dresses, she has a great body, great style, and I was surprised to find out, a pretty voice as well. Good job!

Aly on

I love the all of the dresses! They are very cute and Paris is beautiful! I would definetly wear these dresses. : )

Age on

who the heck let bozo the clown of of the insane asylum? Stop the insanity….serenity now!!!!!

Shantae on

When she’s not trying to take another woman’s man, Paris is real fly. The gurl can dress sometimes. She wouldn’t steal my man, though!

lana on

paris hilton is soooo irratating. Some of her outfits are stylish, but most are about as irrataing as her.

Stacie on

Paris Hilton is my Idol. I think she is so pretty and i love her music… I like all of her dresses but the one i like best is the orange one….


heather on

I think Paris is no copycat, she’s very unique. And I like the way she ignores the bashing and negative words about her. Whatever she does and even how much people hate her – she’s still happy and rich. She is no fake like other celebrities. What you see is what you get.

Caroline on


Jane on

I think Paris is gutsy, sassy, and confident. Those wide belts make her intimidating as well, at least to me. I am envious, jealous and I applaud her and I will begin to dress like her.


I love bright colors lik this! I’m a fan of Paris Hilton and want to say she looks great in color!!! I really like the orange one!!!


VERY cute! especially that orange. she`s queen of fashion, what can i say.

amanda on

i like the first two but the third–yeah mm no!!

selvi on

i would wear those kids of dreeses, paris has a good taste in fashion those dresses r cutee,i love paris hiltons style.

steph on


me on

I don’t like Paris Hilton, but the first dress is actually pretty. However, I’m not a fan of the other ones.

theresa on

i think it looks cute on me but not on her!

chelsea on

I’ve never really been a Paris fan, but I would totally wear everything that she has in those photos. She looks good for once. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have the brains to match.

c on

i wud wear the yellow and the blue dress. cute

lisa on

I think that these outfits are a hit! Ireally love the yellow& white dress!

lisa on


Rachel on

I LOVE the belted dress look!

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