Has Jude Stolen Kate Moss' jeans?

08/11/2006 at 02:20 PM ET

It is just me, or does it look like Jude Law is wearing Kate Moss’ jeans? Perhaps the queen of the skinny has a competitor for her crown because somehow, against all odds, Jude pulls off this outfit. It should be too complicated – after all we have here a white belt, racing stripes on trousers, and buckled burgundy shoes. Yet the careless way he seems to have thrown it together gives it a sexy, Brit-cool edge. Though I have a feeling many might disagree with me. What do you think of Jude’s look?– Jason Arbuckle

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Photo: Humberto Carreno/Startraks

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Beth on

I’m sorry – he may be Jude Law, and he may look gorgeous in almost anything … but NOT this.
Leave the tight jeans to Kate Moss and Kenny Chesney hun – there is just too much man stuffed into too little fabric

Morgan on

I think Jude looks like the grease ball he truly is. His physique isn’t too bad but ith what he’s wearing he looks just like the fat plumber who was fixing my pipes last week, except this time with Italian shoes. I don’t like it.

Dee on

I’m sorry, but I have to disagree. I don’t think he pulls this off at all!! I feel like he’s stuck somewhere between the late 80’s and early 90’s..and those aren’t necessarily the greatest years to replicate. althought I will agree that I can’t think of many (or really any) other actor that would have “pulled” this look off..though it looks bad regardless.

Fay on

Nope-the clothes, both shirt & skinny jeans don’t look good on J. Law. Muscle shirts are meant for people with toned, firm muscles, not like J. Law’s. Same with the jeans, they’re meant for skinnier legs – meant more for women. The whole choice of wardrobe, including the white belt and burgundy belt looks yucky.

Kristy on

I’m sorry but I have to majorly dissagree on this one. Jude looks like a cross-dresser gone wrong here. Really though I think someone forgot to tell him that brown and dark grey don’t match in any way shape or form.

Britt on

I haven’t like Jude since his affair with his children’s nanny, I think that it was absolutely disgusting and wrong. So no matter what he’s wearing he always looks gross through my eyes.

JC on

Jude always wears his clothes too small. These jeans should stay in the closet.

SAT on

So wrong it’s right?

Ashley on

Jude looks horrible. How could he put on that outfit and look in the mirror and think, “Man, I look good.” It makes him look like a wimpy girlie man.

Jessica on

The shoes are a little too 3rd grade music teacher for my tastes, and, with the pants, it’s like mixing gasoline and water. A very toxic combination.

liz on

It’s horrible. How could he look in the mirror and think “Yep, this looks great!” Why? Such an attractive man, such horrible taste. (in this case)

Victoria on

I dunno, yeah I think it’s weird. But out of ANY guy, he’s probably one of the very few who can actually pull it off. It looks a hell of a lot better on him than it would on some other poor loser who tries it.
He has a unique style and I say go for it.

Jody on

Very definition of metrosexual, don’t you think?

mega on

reminds me of another recent unflattering photo of keith urban on a motorcycle. oh and george michael

mega on

and that white girly belt…did he borrow sienna’s cast offs? but hey they’re stars. they don’t giva

Bunky on

I take it he’s given up on having more kids?

Stephanie on


sharon on

Ewwwwwwwwww! Tacky, tacky, tacky….

Catherine on

The shirt isnt to bad but the pants are awful

Claire on

you’d think that he could affored bigger jeans….but the shirt looks OK. maybe the jeans are an aquired taste?

rebecca on

looks like a drag queen wannabe, half man-half woman.

Olga on

He looks great. One would think more people would agree with you, but it´s just like ages ago when guys with long hair were “wimpy girlie” men. A year from now all your kids are going to be dresses just like Jude.

Ali on

The belt, shoes and jeans suggest BADLY misplaced effort, and it doesn’t look comfortable either. I’m just glad that he’s sitting for that picture – I think it could get worse.

Andrea on

Comeon….if I saw this guy on the street somewhere in Europe(and his name was not Jude Law) I would def. consider crossing to the other side of the street to avoid this sleez ball who looks like he dosent shower often and like the kind of guy who would leave his wife and kids for some young hussy who he would then cheat on her with like your boss or your sister…or his kids nanny…yucky~

Nathalie on

Sleazy, post-divorce mid-life crisis, misplaced rebellion? It seems like Jude and Sienna constantly try to outdo each other when it comes to looking as non-Hollywood as possible.

He's no man. on

Screw the pants, whats’ up with that stupid looking girly white belt! Hey Mann, is there anyone else out there who thinks Jude Law is gay and hasn’t come out in the open about it yet, hence the reason he doesn’t totaly dig Sienna? He needs to hang with Elton and George for the way he dresses and carries himself!? Of course all you straight women will be crushed because “Oh!!!! he’s so cute or hot!” Yuck! He’s not a real man to dress like that, Gentleman do not dress like women…….thank you very much!

caitlin on

eeeeeeeewwww. guys shouldnt be wearing skinny jeans. it just doesnt look right. and the shoes? i mean whats up with that? those things look awful.

v on

Okay, where is queer eye for the straight guy when you need them?

Donia on

Sorry! He does not and never will do anything for me! Sienna can keep him!

g on

I find him creepy, especially after having an affair that he continued AFTER his child found him in the bed with the nanny … YUCK! But barring that, this outfit is icky. One of those things that works on a runway and NO WHERE else!

mono on

oh,come on now! he may not look too masculine in this outfit…but we all have to agree that it’s a fashion statement.Now, how many men have the balls to even try on those skinny jeans?!

Kaye on

PEOPLE LISTEN!… you have to remember that Jude is not an american but a EUROPEAN and europeans are trendsetters, haute couture….. it looks yucky now coz were not used to it yet….in a few years when this look will be popular, your boyfriends will be pulling this off im sure! So, OPEN YOUR MIND LADIES en GENTLEMEN!

mega on

no, i think he wore those pants in the 80s, probably to a wham concert. he ran out ‘clean’ stuff to wear and he found… this old stuff. so now we’ve got a new trend.

oh and he borrowed the shoes from oj

Lana on

Oh, come off it.
I’ve never liked Jude Law, but his clothes look fine. It’s not American, but it’s certainly not unfashionable.

angela on

I think he looks totally adorable. The tight jeans is a staple in europe and I think he’s pulling it off effortlessly. Quit being so provincial people….

sarah on

Well, aside from the wife beater, the white (yewww) belt, the painfully tight pants and the burgundy shoes, I think he looks great! How o how, does Sienna keep her hands off of him not only a cheater but a snappy dresser to boot.

Alicia on

Is this a joke? I mean really- is this guy for real? I hope this is more of a “phase” and less of a “trend”. I can’t imagine any of the men I know in this get-up- nor do I want to! It is totally ridiculous.

Alicia on

Oh wait! I know who those jeans belong to! Those must be the jeans that Naomi Campbell keeps accusing her maids of stealing- HA HA. Look out Jude!

Vanessa on

Why do you guys hate him for having an affair ?
What does it has to do his PERSONAL BEHAVIOR with his fashion or his look ?

I think we should respect and not to condemn artists for their sins, since nobody is really a saint.
Jude is British, Europeans has another point of view of fashion, they dress for themselves, not for every body else as here, in America.

maria gonzales on

He must be gay.

Megan on

Ummm… Britney called, Jude. She wants her pants back after the baby comes.



brittany on

can we say gross? i think nicole richie and kate moss should keep their pants and stop sharing them with jude. it’s not even close to a fashion statement…it is a serious fashion flop!

Myesha on

He looks a hot tight mess!

Anna on

Tiger of Sweden is all the rage in Stockholm and sell jeans for men that are even tighter than jude’s! In Stockholm the motto for men’s jeans are, “the tighter the better.”

Stephanie on

“…somehow, against all odds, he pulls off this outfit”?? Are we looking at the same picture? The closest he comes to pulling this outfit off is when he removed it from the hanger. He looks ridiculous.

Stephanie on

Skinny jeans look terrible on anyone. Multiply that by 10 if that “anyone” is a man. Clearly, he’s been spending too much time with Sienna Miller.

Helena on

Just because tiger of Sweden sell those kind of jeans doesn’t mean it’s hot! Skinny jeans isn’t really hot at all -not even on Jude

Ellie on

Sexy? No. I agree w/ the greeseball comment. You are what you wear, or is that eat? Anywho…

Kenya on

He is trying WAY to hard. Whats wrong with a regular pair of jeans? Give it up Jude.

Megan on

“The tighter the better” is so icky! We should all drop to our knees and thank heaven that he’s not standing up so we are privy to Jude Jr.!

Natalie on

I actually saw Jude Law in the West Village the day this picture was taken. He got out of the cab and looked horrendous. He was smoking a cigarette outside The Spotted Pig with a friend so I had plenty of time to critique his outfit. He looked like such a slob…someone who would smell like BO. I could not get over the maroon shoes and the uber-tight pants that did not flatter his bootie. I disagree, I think there was some thought thrown into this ensemble…let’s just hope he wasn’t in a sound state at the time.

shelly on

All I have to say is…”What the heck was he thinking????”

Brian Belovitch on

I love his look. If anyone can pull it off he can. The shoes are great too. Is he calling his Stylist or Sienna?
Brian B.

tight jeans - country boy style! on

wait a minute y’all!!!!
i’m all for the ‘tighter the better’on jeans for men – i just prefer the american male version – check out country singers kenny chesney and tim mcgraw, etc.

can’t get any tighter or hotter. and there’s no yuck factor as you mull over how they got those things on!leave the swedes to their Tiger jeans. i’m no huge country music fan but the country boys know how to strut their stuff in their blue jeans.


Ava on

i thought he was hot enough to pull off anything but not this look!

Amber Wilson on

I think that Jude is trying to pull off an emo look! It is NOT flattering! He should be naked…

Daphne on

Man the people here are sooooo uptight — must be Americans. Lighten up. You sound like my grandmother and you probably dress like her too (the Walmart look).

Smilte on

He is SO HANDSOME!!! and Sienna was a perfect match for him. Stupid guy… However, in this picture, he doesn’t look OK… The pants are gross…Pity. Sienna!!! help your guy out!!!:))

Leah on

Just because you are a celebrity doesn’t mean you can pull off some cheap-looking getup with tacky boots and call it an outfit. I’m can’t see any fashion sense in the shirt, the pants, or the shoes. Eew. He looks like a misled redneck trying to be a metrosexual.

Brittany Ann on

Ew. That’s all I have to say.

monica on


krystal on


lala on

NO! The only way I’d accept those kind of pants on him is if he was to play the part of the evil blue-skinned Prince Lotor in the Voltron movie! Those pants have got to go!

Lisa on

i always thought he looked gay, and with these jeans he looks like he could be a member of the Village People!

Ano on

He looks like a bum whit nice shoes. I`ve seen him better!

YO on

And they wonder why American’s think Brits are gay…

Sandy on

Not my favorite but when my favorite man chooses to wear
a relaxing outfit for a Sunday, I don’t feel compelled to criticize. (And by the way as an inveterate Jude-watcher
I can say those shoes are his absolute favorites and I have
been seeing him wear them all over and often) I think he’s
into comfort and while he is a trend setter in men’s clothes he also (although you many not believe it) rarely looks in the mirror and threw together what he considered a
comfortable outfit which altho’ it looks tight is probably comfotable. As for all of your negativw omments,I can hear
him laughing now. But those of you who spoke about the European attitude are right. I find nothing about the outfit saying ‘gay’ or ‘dirty’just a lot of misuderstanding of Jude and the life of a clebrity.

reagan langevin on

love the skinny jean it’s a slap in the face of every McDonald eating, suv driving American. I also love the stripe down the side of the jean very 19th century military,keep it up my friend, keep it up. you can’t deny he the most gifted actor of our time.

Eric Zoolander.

mellissa on

this is my boyfriend i am kate moss i dont know who pete doherty is, and yes the jeans are mine, they are too tight…obviously.

poppy on

I like him as an actor and as a man… he has a great talent but with this kinda thing on him, makes me sobs….
i think, he will look better in tuxedo or other maskulin style. he’ll looks like the way Jude Law should be…
you’re not only got the sexy look by that stupid way, honey…sorry,Jude

Stella on

I’d rather see him naked!!

Stacie on

i dont think that men should wear tight jeans…. They look kind of weird….

moapher on

hey, for one thing who really cares? if the guy wants to wear tight jeans more power to him, i personally wouldnt want you foolish, rather ignorant people commenting on my style of dress. oh yeah, hes not the most gifted actor of our time. hes just a decently talented guy that women find attractive.

mimi on

i absolutely love it! If girls can were it why not boys.. its not like its anything weird.. Europe has been sporting the look “of boys in tight pants for years” and its about time for a celebrity to catch on (also -think of Jeffery Sebella from Project Runway Season 3 or any punk rockers). Also, majority of the fashion shows for the Spring 2007 Ready-Wear had men in tight or “skinny” jeans. i really love it.

Andre on

I just wanted to get on the band wagon and take the opportunity to bash a hollywood grease ball. I mean really, I think the term for these pants is “coochie cutters.” Grow a pair La Law!

Alex on

I looks cool and i like.I dont know why you guys are saying its for girls..not really for anyone to wear ne and my friends wear it

night on

This outfit is not right for a man…unless that is he is trying to attract other men…in that case it seems just right.

gorilla ass butt nutts on

hey,guys!let’s play nicely.i mean it isn’t necessarily about the tightness of the pants,hell some people can pull it off!others can’t.but i don’t think anyone can in a pair of these weird colored nut huggers.damn if he wanted tight pants,he should have just picked up a pair of those ramone stretch jeans,not these weird looking ball poppers!

Warren O'Leary on

Why should female cross-dressers have more freedom in menswear than men ? Men should have more styles and fashion freedom in male wear than female transvestites; logic is logic; fair is fair. Women don’t have to compete or worry about any gender/ fashion reversal, do they ? If they did; they would protest to the extreme and nipped this transgression and envy in its bud.

HP on

He is gorgeous….. sigh.

The outfit is hot too. Nothing most People readers’ husbands would/could wear, but definitely damn sexy. It’s nice to see someone with a European figure compliment it like this.

chloe on

he looks perfect as always,
he can get away with absolutely anything in my eyes

stylenews.peoplestylewatch.com on

Has jude stolen.. Amazing :)

Sienna on

I hope Jude haven’t seen this photo, cause he doesn’t look very well here.Nobody can look perfect all the time. This is my opinion. He usually looks great, even in tight jeans.)

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