In Praise of Pale Girls

08/09/2006 at 04:45 PM ET

As the summer starts winding down, and beach devotees like Lindsay and Matthew gear up to make the most of the ending the season, we’d like to take a moment to salute those stars who have wisely steered away from tanning. Zooey Deschanel, Bryce Dallas Howard and Liv Tyler join the list of other cream complexion beauties like Nicole Kidman and Marcia Cross who are as pale in August as they are in December. To keep your skin freckle-free, try Neutrogena’s Fresh Cooling Body Mist Sunblock in SPF 45 (one of our must-haves!). You can also show your support of the non-tanning (and non skin-damaging) trend by picking up their Pale Is The New Tan tee shirt at, for $25; $3 from every sale benefits the American Cancer Society.

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Photos:TSUNI/GAMMA; Roger Wong/INFGoff; Jemal Countess/WireImage

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Bunky on

I like to think of them as “fair”. Guys are “pale”. Women get to be “fair”.

nicole s on

Thank goodness that there are role models out there that are not addicted to tanning, or “buying cancer” to be more specific. These women are beautiful, and smart

sam on

i love zooey deschanel’s bag in this photo! where can i find it?

Andrea on

Surprisingly, there is still quite a lot of pressure to go tanning in my middle 20s- tannorexic girl friends perpetuated by quite a few unnecesary comments by 20-something men claiming that tan women look “much hotter”. I thought maturity was a natural progression after college, guess I was wrong.

Joy on

As someone who grew up with the nickname of Casper, I applaud you for praising my fellow pale or fair girlfriends. I never leave the house without SPF 45 on and these ladies daring to do the same may some day usher in an age of acceptance for those of us who aren’t “bronzed,” “sun-kissed” or “sporting a healthy glow.”

And as a bonus, they’ll still be working with flawless skin 40 years from now while the tanaholics will be fighting for the latest microdermabrasion treatments.

Nancy on

Thank you … as a natural redhead… more outside, lighter hair, out of the sun… mid dark auburn… I never was a ‘tanner’, our version of tan is various shades of pink or red… now at 45, I still have good skin with very few wrinkles… a few tiny ones by my eyes, but nothing on my forhead or mouth/cheeks area. Friends that have been sunworshippers through the years look older than me even though I’m 8 years older than them.

Sonja on

As a fair-skinned girl, I am so glad to see a non-tanning trend! I spend a lot of time out in the sun, but not without my SPF-15. I look sun-kissed, but certainly not tan. When I look around at other girls of light complexions who obviously slave over their tans, I can’t help but think of how painful and unhealthy it looks!

Hooray for a healthy look!

Beth on

Porceline skin is not only healthier, its so much sexier! Hats off to all the Nicole Kidman’s out there – they not only look better now, in 50 years the Lindsay Lohen’s will be wishing they could trade in their wrinkling and blotching skin for us pale girl’s beautiful flawless skin!

Susan on

Thank you for this piece! As a fellow “Casper” in my younger years (and also Powder on occasion), it is so nice to finally see fair skin recognized as a thing of beauty. I learned to embrace it and am happy to see that society might finally be learning to embrace it, too.

Alexandra on

I love the look of fair skinned women. It is very beautiful. I’m only 15 and I’ve never once in my short life even touched a tanning booth. My dad is Greek so when I do go out I get a little tan, but my mother is all fair European so I ended up having kind of fair skin. I burn, then it kind of turns to a tan. My little brother on the other hand, never burns and he has been out playing in the sun so much this summer that he is literally brown. Keep in mind he was also wearing sunscreen.
I love seeing the contrast of dark brown hair and a creamy complexion. Or a flaming redhead with super fair skin.

Ellie on

they look so natural and pretty! so much prettier than jessica simpson, who looks orange to me. another fair beauty: nicole kidman!

Cathy on

My friend, Nathania, has a fair complexion and she is super hot!

Vanessa on

I really dont like fair skin. It looks very cold & uncooked. The ultra white arms & legs are disgusting.

Sharon Stone & Drew Barrimore are only a few examples of a nice white skin, a bit of sun in their bodies doesnt hurt.
All these women you mentioned, made me remind the movie People behind the Walls, with all those kids who never saw sun light..

Mandy on

Vanessa, do you think hyperpigmented, wrinkled skin from over-exposure looks better? And have you ever had a blistering sunburn? I have and I will take my pale skin any day over that type of pain. When I was younger I cared what other people thought of me so I would spend lots of money to slather on smelly, fake tan creams. Thank goodness I outgrew that. I figure people like you can just avert your eyes when people like me walk by.

kim on

Just because they are fair doesn’t mean they never see sun, I have been known as powder growing up too and I personally wonder why people feel the need to comment? It all seems like pressure to conform to someone else’s standard of beauty to me. If your skin tans, great, go for it, if it doesn’t do so easily, then protect it and save yourself from freckles and cancer, that simple. People are beautiful by displaying what makes them who they are, not by looking like everyone else. More power to those who are willing to do their own thing.

Kari Ann on

Hats off to these women who are going along with how they naturally are! I am also very pale and do my best to make sure that I stay that way. I also LOVE the look of women who are naturally darker, whether they are Latina, black, Indian, or mixed-race! Their complexions, facial structure, everything are so beautiful and exotic!
I don’t like it when pale women try to make themselves look darker (unless they get that way from working/playing); I also don’t like seeing women with beautiful dark/olive/tan complexions trying to artificially lighten their skin. I think that women look their best when they work with what nature gave them; aside from being healthier, it just looks looks better!

paulin on

I love that ‘pale is the new tan’ phrase!! I’ve always been as white as a paper sheet and been criticized because of my fair legs and belly. I hate to take sun baths, they’ only give me sunburn, freckles and then back to pale again.

Jacki on

You have to play with the skin type you were given. Some wormen should not try and burn themselves out by Eva Longoria is never going to be “fair” so to speak and Liv Tyler is beautiful as is.

If Nicole Kidman tried to tan she would freckle and that is just not good. Lindsey Lohan needs to take note.

minerzz on

Fair girls are hotter than most tanned girls. Being fair is always in.

Alex on

Hey Vanessa…it’s ‘People Under the Stairs’ not ‘People Behind the Walls’…if you are going to try to insult people, you might want to get it right…PALE RULES!!!

candace on

all of these woman look gorgeous!

faith on

To Jacki and everyone else who bemoans freckles: What is so wrong with freckles??? I really don’t get it and find it silly! For someone who is fair, freckles are often a natural reaction to the sun’s rays even if you DO have sunscreen on. I love that there finally seems to be some good press for a skin color other than tan, but why is there always something else that has to be picked on? It’s a freckle. Not a boil. Or a flesh eating disease. Or even a zit. A freckle. A “tan” that comes up in a spot rather than an entire area.

Monique on

What happened to doing things in moderation as a good choice for a healthy lifestyle? I was sure that sun in moderation with it’s good properties of vitamins was also recommended? A healthy sun glow is far more sexy than plain white skin. It does make you look very plain.
I believe in protecting your skin from anti-pollutants but a beautiful smile with a healthy glow has my vote ;-)

Ashley on

Monique–yes sun has vitamins. Which can be absorbed while wearing SUNSCREEN, to prevent the UV rays that cause tan AND damage. There is no such thing as a “healthy” glow–the glow from a tan is actually dead skin cells. How much sexier is that than pale skin??

Danna on

its really nice to see that the look is coming in… the tanning booths are ridiculous! i call them cancer booths this will be great for your skin in the long run!

sabrina on

I love being fair-skinned. I am an older sibling from an Irish family of tanners. I don’t tan, though I don’t hide indoors all the time either. When my sisters and I are together, people automatically think I’m the younger of all of them because the sun has aged all of them so much. That makes me a believer.

sabrina on

I love the shirts, though I’d wear them if they were black. We fair-skinned girls love dark colors!

Alicia on

Wow, this seems to be a hot issue. Personally, I wish I could pull off the pale look-and on many occasion I’ve tried. I’ve limited UV exposure, worn hats, sunscreens etc. UV-free tanners made me look like a rotten orange no matter which brand and Mystic spray tans did the same. Maybe some of you who are embracing this “Pale is the new tan” philosophy can offer me some suggestions because I am really looking for a way to make this work. Without a bit of “tan” I literally look ill. People start asking me if I’m feeling okay, inquire about my health behind my back (really, and celebrities think the paparazzi are bad!) and I sense that they are genuinely concerned. I am a very healthy person, I follow an extremely healthy diet (organics, raw foods, high quality protein, etc.), I exercise, I get plenty of rest- but HOLY COW do I ever look bad without a tan. If you have ever been nicknamed “Casper” for being pale/white, you could call me “Puke” because my skin starts to take on a green tinge-seriously. So, you know what, condemn tanners all you want but I’d rather wear my sunscreen, get moderate UV exposure and not look like “Puke”…unless someone has a better suggestion (other than to embrace my greenish skin).

Bunky on

I think Vanessa’s characterization of pale skin as “uncooked” pretty much says it all. Human skin really should stay raw. Many a missionary learned this the hard way.

Andrea on

Zooey’s bag is a Coach Legacy bag- this one is not available anymore but try the fall version in leather and can be found at

Lisa on

Being a natural red head with freckles, I have no choice but to be pale. Nicole Kidman has always been my inspiration!

Allana on

Good for them for not giving into the tanned Hollywood image. In 20 to 30 years they’ll still be white and tight, while the people who tanned will be baggy and saggy!

lenora on

Ladies, we are all beautiful! It does not matter what skin type you are!

Correy on

Wow. A tan is not dead skin cells, as one person commented. Those with fair complexions have dead skin cells as well. A tan is the melanin in a persons skin naturally reacting to the sun. No doubt, UV rays are damaging and can lead to skin caner and pre-mature aging. What some people don’t realize is, that while tanning can age skin faster, so can other enviromental factors such as pollution, stress, smoking, etc. No matter the color of skin (natural or otherwise), shape of eyes or style of hair, everyone has a different perception of beaty and health. These differences is what makes us unique and wonderful!

Monnie on

I just got back from my holidays in Hawaii. I got a great tan, though a few months later it will finish… I think if it’s summer, you just have to get sunbath for a few days!!!

Raya on

As another natural redhead, I can attest that sunburns are the worst! Sure, these actresses are embracing their complexions, but it’s also just self-defense against the pain!

I agree that all skin types are beautiful. I love my pale skin- but at the same time I feel the need to dress for it. Some styles just don’t look that great when you’re pale. Think you’ll ever see Nicole Kidman in Daisy Dukes? Not hardly.

Just as you have to consider the cut of an outfit for your figure, you should also look at your skin tone. As someone with fair skin, I can tell you that high collars look amazing. Some of my more tan friends just can’t pull off the same looks.

There’s positives and negatives of it all, and looks aren’t forever anyway. I’m just glad that my complexion is one that will help me stay healthy throughout my life. :)

sarah on

Pail skin is much better than that fake tan, there is something about that glowing orangeish skin so many celebs are sporting now days. And a real tan is just not worth it, even if skin cancer was not a very real danger, the sun is the number one cause of premature wrinkles, I may be pail now but in 20 years my skin will still be smooth and soft. As for the dead skin cells, every one has dead skin, thats why we wash our faces everyday and use a good face scrub, dead skin cells have nothing to do with a tan, sun damage on the other hand has everything to do with tanning.

Laura on

Avoiding tanning is pretty smart. In the long run, skin will look better without all the long-term exposure. I’m normally pale/fair-skinned myself and can’t tan. (I burn and peel.) I’m glad to hear that pale is in.

Heather on

thing 1 their is nothing wrong with freckles I have tons and I love them

Thing 2 their is a difference between being deathly pale and looking like you’ve never seen sunlight (totally gross) and having a nice glow and cute freckles

Thing 3 their is nothing wrong with having a nice NATURAL tan in the summer what is wrong is trying to get a tan that you end up frying yourself

I myself wouldn’t want to be as pale as the girls/women you mentioned it looks like you are ill

Jennifer on

I think a nice tan is really nice. Really, does a guy want some girl with really really pale skin?? He wants a girl thats hot and has a nice tan sun kissed skin. Unless he’s really pale, he probably won’t LOVE pale skin. But, as always, don’t go too tan.

Stephanie on

Think about a couple of things guys- Someone may have a skin condition as albinoism where they have no melanin to produce any color to the skin’s surface. It is a condition that no matter what they do they will not recieve any color, no matter how hard they try. I have found that many people with a heritage like myself,(as Irish/German descent) burn easily within 10 minutes. It doesn’t mean that we don’t like the look of a tan, it means that it’s not in our best interest to be in the sun for an extended amount of time (even with SPF30). I can say for myself that I want a youthful look for as long as I can without the effects of the sun’s harmful UVB rays. I personally have tried a new product called GlowFusion that is made of protiens, it stays up to 2 weeks on the skin, and it leaves no streaks or orangey look. Other alternatives than the sun would be a bronzer for the face and body. Take a look at any Sephora and you’ll see for yourself!

Lizzy on

Jennifer, your decision to tan is decided based on what you think guys want? I should hope that other factors, like sense of humor, matter a whole lot more than the particular shade of one’s skin. Guys may think your tan skin is “hot” now, but when you’re 40 and prematurely wrinkled from head to toe, you’ll wish you would have worked on your mind rather than your suntan.

someone... on

I mean, I think it’s great that they are staying away from tanning beds… but the fact that pale is the new tan makes me definitely out of style, unless I pull a micheal jackson. Oh well.

-e- on

this whole tan thing makes me creep out. some of u who’ll love to be tan, would be shock how some asian woman kills to have a fair skin like u all. but fair doesn’t mean pale rite? loves ur skin n protect it. i wouldn’t go too far to burn my skin under the sun. am totally support the sunscreen champaign.

moira on

Two ugly unfashionable words that go way beyond beauty and what men (or anyone else) think:

Skin Cancer

Katie on

Yes, I also think of them as “fair” and i am one of those girls. I have emrald green eyes, pale swkin, a little freckles, dark brown naturly ringlet curly hair, and angelia jolie naturly redish/pink lips like Rachel McAdams. So yes, fyi, that is my look and im fair and i think that it makes my hair, lips, and definatly eyes captivating.

Ainsley on

I always feel like I look anemic and sickly unless I have some color to my skin. 15 minutes in the sun every day is healthy and will give you the vitamin D that your body needs and a healthy glow to your skin. I hate the look of pasty white skin. Also, people with tan skin look more toned and lean.

rachel on

hey. you want tan skin now, and bad skin later, thats your choice. i belive in sun in moderation. no tanning booth for me. my skin does get tan easly, but im a pale person because i choose to protect my skin from harm. women are beautiful just the way they are. in EVERY shade.

rachel on

hey i LOVE zooey. and as a matter of fact, all three of those actresses are in my top 20! whoot for them pale chicks!

ava on

zooey is one of my favorite actresses and she looks so pretty in this picture! her bag is adorable

Bella on

I think this “trend” is stupid. You can’t say blonds are hotter or pale skin is hotter–it REALLY depends on the individual and what works best with them. This trend will only lead to girls and skin bleaching like some stars already do (not all girls are fair skinned or even pale paper). If protecting your skin from skin cancer is the inspiration, then they should come up with a different motto. This is like saying blond hair is hot and young, and we all know that not all blonds are hot. Plus, genes have more to do with skin and aging than the sun, because have you ever seen a pale 60 year old who might look 40 or younger? Lets be real and truthful!

Bella on

I also think if there is this “pale is the new tan” trend aside from it’s cancer fearing motivations, its because of the current popularity of stars like Rachel Mcadams or American Idol Katherine McPhee. Why do real girls always have to reflect what’s popular on film. I’d like to think that film and art imitates real life not the other way around. Also, if girls were not tanning because they want to spare their health for the future, what about breast implants now? I know some people who would rather look good in their prime than take the chance of maybe or maybe not looking good into their seniors.

Bella on

FYI: I work as a fledging star publicist and do some of you think it’s weird that Rachel Mcadams now has a stipulation in her star contract that she has to keep a pale look because that is the image that she is supposed to portrayal? What if the girl likes a sunkissed glow? She can’t even be true to herself because her fans bashed her on feedback during a recent appearance on Conan O Brian where she was sprayed with bronzer and had golden hair. I think saying that you have to look a certain way is weird and is much to think about how we are influenced as a society

Shasha on

I think that the people in the skin are what counts.Im naturally tan and I think fair skin is really pretty so I dont know why someone would want to be orange and at risk for skin cancer

Elise on

Jennifer, I find it interesting that you assume a guy won’t love pale skin and that he would only possibly do so if he has pale skin himself. Guys often love things we don’t, which is why we are attracted to them and they are attracted to us. And why would a guy having pale skin make him like a girl’s better? Often people are attracted to the things that are different from themselves. For example, my husband has beautiful dark skin, which I love. He always tells me he loves my “white” skin. In the beginning I thought it was insulting, because I think of “white” skin as being ugly. But he was surprised I thought that and assured me that he loves white, pale skin and that is one reason he thinks I’m beautiful – what an eye opener for me!

All this and he has dark skin… we love the contrast when our skin is side by side!

Melanie on

Pale/fair skin is lovely. The fashion for tanned skin is a relatively recent occurence-all throughout history until app the Thirties,women aspired to have pale creamy complexions. Even through the Twenties women would powder their skin-face,neck,shoulders,and arms-when getting dressed to go out. A fair complexion showed that you didn’t have to do manual labor outdoors. It would be nice to once again see the variety of beautiful peaches and cream,strawberries and cream, or a lovely magnolia complexion,rather than the ubiquitous bronzed(or orange!) skin that’s been the trend for a few decades. It will also be nice,in the coming years,to see older women again with beautiful soft fair skins rather than the tanned cowhide we’ve become so familiar with. Everyone can picture those older ladies who burned themselves to toast for years,who now have skins like an old piece of dried up beef jerky. Our grandmothers were smarter than us in this respect,and had the beautiful complexions to prove it.

Vicky on

I think pale can be attractive to a certain extent. I am very pale though and find that fake tan can make me more confident. I refuse to use sun beds as i know that my pale skin makes me more sensitive to UV rays and I wouldn’t usually condone fake tan either because it can make you orange, but I’v actually just started using tinted moisturiser and it works wonders! It adds a tiny amount of tan everyday so its not too drastic and I don’t look orange. And it moisturises my skin and it feels really soft. My only problem with it is that it does have a slight smell but I actually quite like it! lol

amy on

im a pale girl too. i can tan, but it never winds up very dark, and i thank god for that. who wants to wind up with cancer when im 40 just because of a hot craze when i was in my teens? what annoys me the most is that when i used to wear shorts to work (as a part of the uniform i was given) the orientals and spanish would tease me about my white legs. forgive me for being white. i didnt know it was such an offense. PALE IS THE NEW TAN. hopefully.

Matt on

Hmm. It seems all of our posters thus far have been ladies; I hope you don’t mind my adding my masculine point of view. I’m sorry to contradict our earlier poster who claimed something along the lines of “what guy wants a girl with really pale skin?” but, err, lots of us! I have always found fair complected women exceptionally attractive, and know many other men who agree. It has always broken my heart when the girls or women I have found prettiest throughout my life complain about their complexions and say “I need to go to the tanning salon!” Oh, sinking heart; and it feels even worse when they actually do. I have always tried to dissuade them, but usually, in the past, have received incredulous looks. I’ve always found the phrase “glowing tan” an absolute oxymoron; tans are monochromatic and dull, while fair skin reflects the light and truly glows. Also, I’ve never understood the prejudice against white legs; I find them breathtakingly attractive. Don’t get me wrong, naturally dark women can be very beautiful as well, but if you are naturally fair, please don’t believe that “all guys think girls look much hotter with a tan.” It’s just not true, and I’m very glad to see this dialogue going on.

Teri on

Matt, you are SO right!

I have naturally very pale and sensitive skin and I don´t tan, I burn, and it´s so funny that most of my friends who are girls go tanning a lot and they always tell me to go and get a tan because “guys don´t like pale girls”!

and yet all of my friends who are guys always tell me to stay as pale as I am and never tan because they say “my skin is so much more attractive than the skin of those orange girls who hit the tanning bed once a week!”

So girls, wake up: PALE IS BEAUTIFUL! :)

Ian on

Just wanted to let the ladies know that as a guy, I personally find ‘fair’ girls breathlessly attractive. I’ve always found ladies with their natural, peaches and cream complexions to be infinitely hotter than the freaks of nature who sit under UV lights just so they can turn their skin into beef jerky! Canned tan and fake bake chicks don’t even show up on my radar.

Lola on

Okay, i just have to say something. I don’t care what look is in or what people think about it. Though some of you are seriously getting on my nerves. I beleive you should just let things happen naturally. For some of the iggnorant people saying that pale people look “uncooked, sick, and gross”, have you ever considered that some of us never tan. I’m a native of Florida and spend at least four months there every year, I also run track and at track meets your out in the sun ALL day long (usually from around 7am to 5pm). However, due to my polish heritage, i am very pale. Though i don’t usually have a problem with burning except at my first track meet. I fell asleep (haha, my coach wasn’t too happy) on the metal bleachers and got a horrible sunburn. You know what happened, it didn’t go away to reveal a “healthy glow”, my shoulders and every where else got all splotchy. Ever since then i always wear sunscreen. I would defiantly rather be pale than all leathery, wrinkly, and truely sickly when i get older. I’m still a teenager but people swear i look four years younger than i really am. Now i have nothing against dark skinned people, i just feel you shouldn’t criticize people about their natural skin tone. People are too focassed on changing their looks and fitting in that they don’t realize until it’s too late that they are their body’s worst enemy.

Nikki on

I think women look the most beautiful when they protect their complexion and do their best to stay true to their coloring and complexion. Naturally darker skinned women, like Penelope Cruz or Eva Longoria, look beautiful with their darker skin, yes. But they hardly need to go out and bake under UV rays or get sprayed down in fake tanner to get that beautiful glow. They only HAVE that beautiful glow because it looks natural. I hardly think someone like Lindsey Lohan who totally betrays her genetics and natural looks to try and make herself look totally different looks “prettier” with that “healthy glow” than when she was just herself.

I am dark haired and dark eyed but have peaches and cream skin.. I used to be self-conscious of it but I began to get a ton of compliments from people, men and women, on having fantastic skin (which I do from taking good care of it). And no, not other pale men and women, people from all different colors/skin tones have told me I have a really great complexion.

My skin does not look “dead” because it’s pale.. in fact in the light it looks really quite beautiful and “glows”. After I’ve been laughing a lot, or I’ve exerted myself, the color in my face is more vibrant and pretty, when it’s cold out my cheeks brighten. In pictures I love the way my skin looks.. bright and heavenly, at least to me.

Yeah, it wasn’t the “in” thing for a long time, but I don’t really care. What I care about is I don’t think pale girls should feel the need to rub on a tub of crisco and bake themselves raw to try and achieve this sort of “beauty” or be embarassed by their paleness, and reversely I never want darker girls to feel the need to try and bleach their skin and ruin it pushing it in the opposite direction. I want people to love their skin, understand that many different men find many different shades of skin beautiful, and that they don’t need to hurt themselves for a silly trend.

Kayla on

I have a naturally white complexion, and I am very proud of it. Most of my friends say , “you need to go to the beach!”, or, “get some sunlight!”. I just ignore those comments because they are telling me to conform to the norm. It sometimes aggitates me. But my sister is also white and she says, white is sophisticated. I love that.

Gee on

i think being pale looks more femanin. Everyone nowadays have a dark golden tan. People make it seem like its a disease to be pale, when it actually makes a person look unique. In my personal opinion, i think paler people like higher in class.

Gee on

i think being pale looks more femanin. Everyone nowadays has a dark golden tan. People make it seem like its a disease to be pale, when it actually makes a person look unique. In my personal opinion, i think paler people look higher in class.

buzz on

Myself, I’m far more attracted to fair-skinned women. The tanned, overly-tanned, oompa-loompa look is overdone, looks leathery, and it looks awful when a woman with a dark tan is pale around her eyes. That just looks ridiculous! A woman with milky, creamy porcelain skinned smooth shapely legs just looks super attractive, especially since you don’t see much of it. The overly tanned women are all over the place, whats so special when they are a dime a dozen? The fair-skinned women tend to stay covered, so their skin doesn’t take the pounding from the sun and the elements like a oompa-loompa girl subjects her skin to. So while the fair-skinned lass looks like a porcelain doll, the tanning-booth junkie looks like a saddlebag with eyes.

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