Tell Us: Will You Wear Ankle Boots?

08/09/2006 at 05:00 AM ET

Here’s a fall trend that is causing some trepidation: Ankle boots! Sure the likes of Mischa Barton and Kate Moss can pull it off, but for most of us this style has the potential to make our legs looks shorter and fatter than they are! We asked Julia Gilhart, fashion director of Barneys New York, how to wear this trend and she suggests staying away from Mischa’s look (left). “Bare legs are NOT the way to go,” says Gilhart. “You need opaque tights.” Another way that works: Paired with leggings that are a little shorter, showing off just a hint of skin. What do you think? Would you wear ankle boots? The ones shown here from Bebe, $129, are pretty cute. Don’t you think?

For more ankle boots and how to wear them, check out PEOPLE’s StyleWatch Fall issue, on sale now at newsstands.

Photo: Tony Barson/WireImage; Jeff Harris

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Quinci on

Those are the ugliest shoes, they don’t match her dress either. I would never even CONSIDER wearing those shoes. You couldn’t pay me to wear them.

Suzanne on

Not a chance. Unfortunately this terrible 80’s fashion is making comeback Any shoe that lands at the ankle cuts off the lenght of your leg making you look shorter – they are nasty.

karla on

these shoes are a no-go…please, we never want to see them again, except you want to look like the witch in a brothers grimm fairy tale. thank you!

Becky on

Ankle boots can be really cute and sassy. They also can add the “Wow-factor” to an otherwise conservative outfit; consider Victoria lace ups with a suit. The pic of Mischa is not particulary flattering to her or her boots, so best not to judge the trend on one iffy pic!

Hannah on

i like these boots, but they don’t look good with what Mischa is wearing.

Beth on

Socks with sandles = a major no
Boots with bare legs = another major no

dani on

no way! this trend will stay in hollywood where it belongs. this look is so ridiculous with a dress on. i would not wear these unless they are under jeans, which i think is what they are designed for, despite this yucky trend. i love mischa but ankle boots are so ugly and are not feminine.

laura on

these are the ugliest trend i have seen since the “skinny” jeans came out. they should be worn with jeans instead of with out. UGLY

dorna! on

No way, no heck, no how…

dee on

I think those boots are so ugly, but its not suprising that Micha Barton would wear something like that, her taste is not so great anyway. But i would never be caught in anything like that. And i think that ankle boots should be worn with pants or long skirts only. But, if we all wore the same thing, this world would be o’ so boring. Whatever works for you, rock it and rock it hard!

tami on

No I would never wear these shoes. They are so ugly. That is the thing in Hollywood, Some of the things they wear are a physical impossibilty to the real world daily life.

Anne on


Amanda on

You should never wear ankle boots unless you are wearing them with pants. I have seen several people wearing them and they don’t look good with any of the outfits that they had on.

Courtney on

Oh my. These boots are truly a non-figure flattering turn in fashion. I much prefer the sleekness and sophistication of a pointed toe boot/shoe. I hope and pray this trend does NOT make it to the mainstream!!!

PatrĂ­cia on

No way. I do not think it looks good on anyone.
I particularly do not always like what Mischa’s wearing but this one is the worst I have seen on her. It does not complement anyone.

Mary Beth on

She is always wearing ugly boots. They do not go with any outfit I have seen her in. For that matter she to date has not had much luck with matching the right shoe with the right outfit.

Catherine on

no. and they look really bad with her dress!

caitlin on

omg i hate these things. theyre awful! and they dont even match the dress she was wearing! yuck. i will never wear this trend.

Lyn on

All I have to say is if something looks THAT UGLY on someone that pretty – I don’t have a chance pulling it off.

Britt on

I really like these, I think a cute pair of black ones would look good with skinny jeans or long leggings.

Lindsay on

Those are hideous!!! Every celebrity I see wearing those in the tabloids really disappoints me! They take away from their outfits!! (Not in Mischa’s case…her dress is awful too!) I would NEVER wear those!

Alicia on

I just don’t get it. This is one trend I can’t get my head around. Why would someone with the resources ($$$)that Mischa and other stars have ever feel the need to participate in this ridiculous trend? As far as I’m concerned, she might as well be wearing clown shoes! They look very out of place.

Rebecca on

These have to be one of the ugliest pairs of shoes I have ever seen. There is no way in the world I would wear a pair of them.

Laura on



these shoes where not made for her to wear…..maybe for MADONNA.

secondhand on

i love ankle boots!!!! i’ve been looking for a pair that i really like. i’m kinda irritated that they’re being worn by celebs now, but whatever. they’ll be more available. my rule is wear what other people hate…only way to go individual if you know how to wear them.

Shyla on

I really like ankle shoes but i’m pretty sure they don’t work in the “real” world. They look cute in the store but how many times can you wear them before they go out of style? Not enough, thats for sure.

KHA on

Those are the ugliest things I have ever seen, I HATE this trend!!

Natalie on

I would only Mischa’s ankle boots with jeans. I would NEVER wear them with a skirt, with shorts or a dress.

valerie on

oh god are these so cute!!!! i think they’d look adorable with some jeans, especially in a loud color like red. they would also look stunning in a cute minnie, with some leggings… where can i find these at a reasonable price?

Ms. G on

These HAVE TO BE the most Hideous looking boots i have ever seen! Mischa darling, these boots are as FUGLY as your nasty looking boyfriend (or EX)Cisco Adler .. Mischa you’re so cute and it’s too bad you have bad taste in clothes, shoes, and MEN! Get a clue girl!

Margarette on

The shoes are definitely a YES: I would wear them because I have long legs. The boots are cute but with jeans or leggings I think it’s a fashion faux pas to wear them with a dress.

jennifer on

i would wear them in black only with jeans i think it would look sexy

Claudia on

Ok I could use these boots with jeans but definitely not with Mischa’s dresses: it’s horrible and not appropriated at all during summer…

Sara on

I LOVE Mischa’s dress ( dior! ) and boots! I can’t wait to find a pair of my very own! They’re so CUTE! I guess you guys can stick to wearing those hideous uggs..

Nick on

They are not that bad…they would actually look really cute with a pair of skinny jeans.

Michelle on

They’re ugly. I would never ever wear them. Yuck

Norah on

I think the boots are sexy and cute. I personally would not wear them because I have short legs, but anyone with long legs will look hot in the boots!

Tahanii on

Heck no I wouldn’t wear those! They are definetley NOT HOT!

Deb on

NO WAY!! Those are ugly!!

Alex on

Heck no.

Annie Oakley on

Why does it not matter what you wear when you’re a celebrity?? Mischa Barton, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and the rest of the bunch could wear garbage bags and then they would all of a sudden be in style!

E on

AWFUL. This is one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen. Not flattering, not attractive–just GROSS!

Rita on

I think the boots with the dress are just bad. But, I did like them on Kate Moss, those bright red ones with a mini. As some of you have said, long legs are a must for this trend. They are best suited with jeans with a bit of flare.

Brandy on

I absolutely will NEVER wear these boots. They are hideous.

B on

I think those boots are hideous just like Mischa Barton. She is just not a glamorous woman at all.

lala on

i think the boots are cute, they look horrible on mischa like alot of you said. i saw a picture with ashlee simpson wearing them, she looked horrible, i think shes trying to follow what people are wearing and doing, shes not unique anymore.

Autumn on

Ankle boots are disgusting. I don’t understand why people wear them, they don’t flatter your outfit at all.

Sarah on

not even Paris Hilton would say ‘thats hot’ about this new trend.

Andrea on

Ankle boots are the next UGGS- unflattering, ridiculous, but by Janurary you will be contemplating buying a pair if you haven’t already! That’s my prediction…

Jenna on

Awful. They’re just not flattering – they cut off your legs.

Sonja on

I love boots, but I can’t see myself wearing the ankle boots. There are a lot of looks that can be modified to look nice on the 5’4″ crowd, but I just don’t feel like I have enough leg for such a short boot.

Hip Candy on

Absolutely not! The look is too choppy. It doesn’t flow. These shoes break up the length of your leg… why would anyone, who had short legs already, want to make their legs look even shorter by wearing this style of a shoe?

dev on

Absolutely! I think they are adorable. My (fairly young) aunt wears them with little skirts and she looks fabulous – she’s petite but super-skinny. I have long thin legs proportionally, so I want to give it a try too.

Rebecca on

In response to Hannah, I saw a picture of Mary Kate Olsen wearing ankle boots with a shorter dress and it looked awful. This is the second picture I have seen of someone wearing these boots and it just is not a good look. I can’t believe that these so called fashion icons think that looks good!

Ramsey on

Oh my gosh, these boots are one of those trends that we look back on 10 years from now and say, “What were we thinking???” Same way with leggings, even though i wear leggings, it will definatly be like shoulder pads or puffy sleeves. I hate the boots.

Torie on

well all i can say is that the shoes are the ugliest things in the world. u couldnt pay me to wear them. UGLY UGLY UGLY UGLY UGLY UGLY UGLY UGLY UGLY UGLY UGLY UGLY UGLY UGLY UGLY

mf25 on

I call those “grandma’s boots” Very ugly! Call them Dior or whatever! I find Uggs ugly, here you go…

kaybee on

yes – but with skinny pants

hotmammadrama on

I am having flashbacks to 8th grade, and they are NOT pretty. There is nothing flattering about these boots. gross

Michelle on

Those boots look like the sawed-off paw of a dead animal! It’s only a matter of time before we see Mischa wearing her stirrup pants over those boots

A.Co on


* I agree with Shyla!

Sonya on

Yuck, can we get rid of them along with leggings, skinny jeans, and all other remnants of 80’s “fashion”.

regina on

love the dress, but the shoes totally ruin it. wouldn’t wear them, they scream fashion-victim..

Hella on

Ugly Boots :S

Rachel on

Those are so totally NOT cute. I like totally hated ankle boots in the 80’s and like oh my god like I still hate them now. LIKE TOTALLY GAG ME WITH A SPOON!!!!! Some people will never learn somethings should NEVER be brought back fron the 80’s. Stick these on the shelf with shoulder pads, PLEASE!!!!

Nora on

Those r The Ugliest Boots Ever …. Ewwww Micha Wat Were U Thinking Of These BOOTS ………

shani on

love it.
i think its wicked hot

liza on

I think they ankle boots are sooo sexy. If you think they’re weird or ugly, you definitely shouldn’t go there. In order to pull this look off, you must have confidence and style.

Madison on

I am a Texas cowgirl and those would not work when I ride my horse, Bugzy! And I agree, they don’t match the dress she is wearing.

Tess on

Personally, I love the look of ankle boots on a woman who can pull them off. I also understand why a lot of people don’t like them…that’s what fashion is about, expressing individual style. But what’s with the hostility people? It just makes you all sound like a bunch of insecure jealous women.

Ebba on

i just love ankle boots they are so right this fall!
With those super tight dark jeans!
love it

Manola on

I think that these shoes (that Misha is wearing) doesn’t match the dress. Misha looks like Natalie Portman in “Closer”.

sarah on

The way Mischa’s waring them with that dress is horrible, but with a nice cut pant they could be really cute.

may on

I absolutely love those ankle boots on Mischa. I think she looks adorable in them. Not suitable for everybody though because they do cut the length of the legs.

Mike on

The consensus here is that the ankle boots are not very attractive or flattering (euphemisms for “ugly”) but go out onto the streets of NY and women ARE wearing them (yes, right now, in the summer), many with skirts & dresses like Mischa. Personally, I don’t think that look works too well but different strokes for different folks, I guess. (Just like the experts say that cowboy boots are passe but I see them every day and expect to continue seeing them in the fall.)

Mike on

I just saw a picture of Hilary Duff (who obviously is nowhere near as statuesque as Mischa Barton) wearing ankle boots with a dress in NYC the other day and I can see the point that many of you have made. If the look was out of proportion on MB, well, it was even more out of whack on the petite Ms. Duff.

krystal on


Ella on

I think with a funky jean skirt that goes just to the knee, these boots would look cute. But NOT with an evening dress.

angela on

Fortunatelly we are free to wear what we want. But these boots only under a pair of trousers.

Melinda on


c on

I will never wear these. Ick.

Lee on

But then, that’s fashion, right? If it’s conventional or the “usual” thing, ugh, dull, ho-hum. Propriety and convention are for hoi polloi. If it looks a bit bizarre, and your first reaction is “Wha??” it’s quite possible that within a few months you’ll have to have it. Or not–it’s a hit or miss thing.

ida on

of course i would, I Love ankle boots

sofia on

she doesn’t look that bad! it’s kind of a punky rock chick look. it’s cool.

haydee on

few years from now, they will look back and say…what the hell was i thinking?

Christine on

This is definitely one of those trends I’m gonna sit out! They don’t even look good on the stars!

Candy on

Just because one example (okay, so Paris makes two) of a style doesn’t look good, don’t trash the entire look.

With opaque tights and a jean skirt or black capris, ankle boots are great. Or with leggings and an oversize sweater (remembering that leggings and skinny jeans are not for the curvy).

Just me on

Talk about Fugly, these are on the opposite spectrum of good taste.

Leah on

Those boots that Mischa is wearing are adorable…most of the people commenting here don’t seem to be very confident or have a good sense of fashion…yes the boots are not for everyone, but I also think that this is a trend that will thrive in big cities like LA, NYC, MIA etc, not to mention obviously in europe where people are definitly more fashion forward…after all the traveling I’ve done i’ve come to realize that the average woman is afraid to take risks…if there is something that you can take from stars is confidence, no matter what they look like it looks like they love it…ankle boots are in, I’ve already bought a few pairs and have gotten many compliments, give them a chance!

alexa on

i LA LA LOVE!!!!!!! the bebe boots!!!!! not so much the dress and boot combo but you can always make ancle boots work……and that is womans law!!!

mellissa on

they are a weird shoe because they look like a pocketbook, you know…like a slim wallet.

Peri on

I absolutely love them, though they look silly with that dress. They would look adorable with skinny jeans or leggings. I NEED them.

Rose on

I think these boots look great (maybe not with her dress though) ….and u guys suck ..Who doesnt like ankle boots, you guys just dont have any taste!!!!

cristina on

I love them

I have just bought a pair from topshop that are so cute… all those ppl that hate them… is cos u cant pull the trend off and are scared of taking off ur Uggs that prob need binning by now…. good point sara 9th of Aug! completley agree with you.

wear em if you dare. they are def for the confident sexy girlies only

Cher on

These boots or overgrown shoes remind me of a pigs trotter, and if I wore them with a dress like Mischa s it would not be a good look! BUT there are girls out there that look good in anything so I leave these boots for them….. Enough said.

--sammii.. on

I just bought some grey ankle boots but im racking my brains on wat to wear with them! i think skinny jeans and 3 quarter length leggings/tights are the best i’v come up with so far.. any more ideas!? …x

emma on

hi, here in Europe these ankle boots are really hot at the moment, I’ve got brown ones, with cute lace and I pair them with a skinny yeans and a velvet jacket

Mette on

i started loving them riiiight before the trend came up…
So i got these really cute lace up ankle boots.. ME LIKES.
The ones mischa is wearing, theyre fab! But the shoe that “off the rack” choosed i’m not liking..

Juliana on

love Love LOVE!!! With dresses (mostly with tights), with jeans, with leggings… LOOOVE!

JB on

Being 5″2 and NOT anorexic (and no, not large either) I thought these boots were lame and would make me look shorter and squatty. I bought a really care pair and I LOVE them…they look great under jeans like normal boots or so cute with a tunic and leggings! The ones Mischa has are ugly and her entire ensemble is hideous….

Girls, take a chance and try something new…who knows you just may end up loving them as much as I do!

cam on

only dumb americans could object to this style. ankle boots are hot if you know how to wear them!

melissa on

I defenitely agree with those who said that it takes a confident risk-taking gal to wear these shoes. Obviously, a lot of girls who posted here are “haters” and probably have a boring and “safe” sense of style.
Woman Up, girls!

Lola on

i like this style. in this pic i don’t like it really but ankle boots can be very stylish. i bet the most of these people who “hate” these shoes, have no fashion sense and wear lame clothes. you have to be open for new things!
and i don’t get it why people sream “eww!!… yuck!…bla bla bla”. calm down, they’re just some shoes. it’s a lil bit ridiculous to behave like this.

sorry for my english, i’m not a native english speaker.


beautiful shoes. i like them, very cute. so, all of you who`re saying that thoes are ugly: BEAT IT.

mimi on

omg! the boots are oh so very cute but they can be oh so vey ugly just depends what u wear them with.and also what type u get, i mean the ones misha is weraing-eww but the ones shown-:) i mean u wuldnt go out like misha in a dress and those boots but if u wore them with a shotyish skirt n leggings or footless tights that go just above the top of the ankle boots then it works bcz i do and i get loads of compliments on how nice they look! also dont confuse CALF boots with ANKLE boots!!!!

Angela on

I think that in this specefic case, the ankle boots look terrible. But all around ankle boots are really cute worn under pants.

Danielle on

The way she is wearing those boots is sooo ugly. The right ankle boot with the right outfit is cute and I would wear them.

Michelle on

Ankle boots are HOT HOT HOT if you know how to wear them. I would however suggest that Ms Barton wear them them with cute slacks and not an after 5 party dress.

alisha on

boots are hot & happening….but the one’s that she is wearin are ridiculous with ‘that’ outfit….they look really cute on shorts & other stuff….but not such dresses….

Katie on

OMG!!! i cant believe that those shoe r even aloud to be sold they are so fugly!!!!!!!!

Quynn on

If you wear them with skinny jeans they look really good, i own a similar pair, same color everything, and i wear mine with black or blue skinny jeans. I can’t picture wearing them with anything else, i find misha looks horrible :P

madi on

OMG u NEVER wear boots and pants that allow a bit of skin to show- that is truly disgusting (have u EVER seen anyone look good doing it?)
if you have fat legs, dont wear the ankle boots, simple

Ashley on

I really like this new trend, and hope it will be big in coming months. Although there are some ugly desgins out there (as with all fashions), there are also some very nice ones. I think they look quite nice with short shorts, but also with jeans.

ai on

i’d like to say something – you people who are criticizing that it does not ‘match’ – look again. notice the black boots and the black clutch? and you say it doesn’t match – the dress is a red hue very similar in terms of it’s chromaticness to the black, and she’s made sure that they all come in luxe materials – i guess the only thing she’s missing is a black leather jacket. she’s tall too so she can carry off that ‘cutting’ effect. please don’t think of it in terms of your own self – be more open minded. i’ve seen worse-dressed celebs and she is rarely on that list. and NEWSFLASH – you can wear ANYTHING in your 20s – the key is to experiment to find the right way to wear things for you – there are no rules as long as it WORKS. and who cares if it’s in or out of style? if something works for you, hey, who says you can’t work that look till you get bored of it, not just out of style? i may not be a professional stylist or whatnot but for me, the look works. but yes, a nice black, shiny leather jacket. stock one up misch, it looks awfully chilly in here.

alondraaa on


Rachel on

The boots are different but I like them.

Kat on

I think they’re fabulous. However, people with short legs and big calves should not EVER consider them..because they do nothing to your legs and it’s not easy for others’ eyes. I personally own 2 pairs of these, Steve Madden and Bebe. I get lots of compliements and I work in media. Pretty long-legged ladies, soup yourself up with a pair of these.

Sidenote: Mischa Barton chose the wrong shoes, obviously. She doesn’t have the legs nor the outfit for it. I suggest thick-knit long sweater with pantyhose. Always works!

Jackie on

Her look is young, funky and says “i’m ready to party after this gig”. The cut of the dress is quirky, the ankle boot gives it that sexy vibe- combined with the not overly stylized hair she looks edgy. I like the slight 80’s feel to it.

Besides I love ankle boots they are so European ( but not the grey SHOE pictured here!!!)

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