Can We Talk About Last Night's Project Runway?

08/03/2006 at 10:33 AM ET

In Reap What you Sew, the aptly named episode four of Project Runway, the designers were asked to make an outfit for INC/Macy’s: A tough challenge, but even harder when they were told to work in teams of three. Well before the judging, Keith was sent home for breaking some of the competition’s rules (more on that after the jump). After all the collaborating, sewing and strutting down the runway, Angela (left) came up from the ashes: She and her team won for their “Empire State Building” inspired outfit. (Click here to see it at Macy’s website.) Hmmm. Where have heard that one before? Got an opinion to share? Click through to the next page to join in the conversation!

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Angela M. says:
Okay…. You call that a scandal? Was anybody else disappointed that all that hype didn’t add up to something more dramatic? A few tears at least! (Where’s Andre when you need him?) But Keith was annoying and amazingly smug, so I won’t miss him. As far as the winner, Angela’s team pulled it together and the outfit was nice — but aren’t cropped jackets over? Or should I say, aren’t they “Triple LY??” It seems like all the cute, harmless girls (Bonnie and Katherine) keep getting kicked off. If I had to put money on it, I’d pick Michael is the rising star.

Melissa says:
Michael is my pick for the rising star too! I think he’s secretly amazing, and I am just waiting for his shot at the spotlight. I still love that coffee filter dress. And Keith having pattern-making books?
Double snooze. I’m just sad that Robert is floundering right now. A little slutty but a little sporty sounds more like one of the Spice Girls than an outfit you would expect from a Barbie designer. Where’s
the pink and sparkly? It would have been more fun than that. And as for Angela’s redemption, whatever. I still hate those stupid rosettes. If I had to pick one piece from the show, I would have gone for Jeffrey’s
pants. They looked like Daryl K at her best. As for next week, I’m excited for them to remake Diane Von Furstenberg- totally gave it away in those sneak clips!

Allison says:
Someone, possibly Oscar Wilde, said the mark of genius is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in one’s head simultaneously. Definitely not claiming that for myself. I had four hours sleep after writing PEOPLE’s next cover story, so I’m a bit bleary, but here are my two semi-lucid opposing thoughts after this week’s PR:

1. Angela’s outfit was the rightful winner. I could totally see it in Macy’s. Wouldn’t necessarily buy it, but given the parameters of the challenge, she met it best.

2. I still loathe Angela and wish she could have won the challenge and been eliminated, if only for repeating that whole “inspired by the Empire State Building” bilge. Way to subconsciously remind people of PR season 1 winner Jay McCarroll’s “Chrysler Building” dress for Banana Republic! (No, he didn’t win that challenge; annoying Wendy did.)

Also, go back and check the record, but I believe I predicted it would be shifty Keith who got kicked out. Poor Alison & Sebelia had no chance despite their extra 1/3 effort -— no way was Heidi going to put Keith the Korrupt’s design in every major Macy’s in America.

Finally, my husband, also a loyal viewer despite owning only 2 pair of shoes that would be out of place at the gym, has nicknamed crazy Vincent, “Pinenut.”

Clarissa says:
Totally with you on Angela’s Jay McCarroll Chrysler Building rip off, Allison. Nina “I’m bored” Garcia should have been all over that. And I’d just like to point out that this is the FOURTH episode in a row in which Angela has worn a pouf skirt, or as Laura brilliantly stated, “a quilted extravaganza of pouf.” My Kajagoogoo CD (see last week’s post) is now officially cracked. In other news, who knew that Robert had such a buff little body underneath his prim button downs? The man wore not one, but two ridiculously tight tanks this episode. You go with your bad self, Mr. Barbie Designer. Let’s just hope that Vincent doesn’t follow his lead…there must be FCC regulations on how much chest hair is allowed on prime time TV.

Anne Marie says:

I totally thought of you Allison when Keith’s male pattern boldness was revealed (sorry, puns are so LY. I will now unsuccessfully hang myself with a coral cowl neck).

But come on, Keith still yielded three of the best, I’d-buy-them-if-I-had-the-scratch outfits, and yes, I’m including this weeks, even tho tattoo boy + side part did the work. And regarding his lying + cheating streak, he’ll fit right in to the fashion world. Steve Madden + Roberto Cavalli, anyone?

(Oh, and thanks for the Von Furstenburg spoiler! I had no idea! GRRRRR)

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whimsey on

“Keith’s male pattern boldness”

Anne Marie – you funny lady!

Karen on

It was very easy early-on to see that Keith was going to be the one booted in last night’s episode. His body language (talking with his eyes closed for an extended period of time) is a liar’s mark.
The pink, brown and white cowl number looked like the uniform for a Baskin Robbins located in a retirement village.

Sophie on

I was also disappointed by the Keith pattern-book scandal. I thought that they’d open Bradley’s suitcase and find it full of crack- he is CRAZY! Like when he was saying Bonnie and Uli didn’t like him because of his beard…I honestly believe he is on crack, no joke. But he can design, even though I hated his dog-challenge outfit. Another thing…Angela. Is. Crazy. Without Michael (who I love) and Laura (hilarious) she definately would have rosetted that thing until it looked like one big, lumpy pincushion. The worst part of the episode was watching my favorite designer, Robert, create that 90’s sports jacket with the K-mart fake collar top! I hated it, but I do love Robert. I hope either him, Michael, or Uli wins.

renee on

ok,1st the keith thing; I’m soooooo gladed he’s gone. what a dumbass!either he or angie should have been auf-ed last week after their horriable dog outfits(he didn’t make a outfit for the bloodly dog(then lied”I made 4 outfits”yeah right),and her’s “English head mistress at a paris art camp for kids 6-12 having a birthday party for the camp’s mascot (the dog)pattycake”ok #1,the rosettes,STOP WITH THOSE STUPID ROSETTES!!! I agree with Laura they look like grandma crafts at a county fair,not high fashion.#2 that outfit looked like something ONLY paris hilton & her cronies would deem suitable for children!I’ve been to art camp they where jeans & tees like everyone body at camp(it’s camp!).
THE ONLY REASON ANGELA WON THIS WEEK WAS BECAUSE OF HER TEAMATES(she should worship the ground they walk on!)!!!
If it was it for them keeping her handicrafty that outfit to death.(I figured out why she didn’t like vincent’s Ms.USA’s dress it didn’t have rosettes on it,it was to plain,and she can’t have plan)
I’m not sure who I want in the final 3 there’s so much talent this year(Laura,mike-coffee filters that should have won,hands down-Allison-I think she’ll get a job from this no matter what-, robert-he’s had a few bad ideas but so did wendy-,kayne,and I just love Bradley-he so sweet,I just don’t want to see him go,and Uli-my mom loves her,she has her winning the whole thing)so it’s a toss up for me. I guess it depends on the clothes.

David on

Angela’s outfit was dated and ugly. She owes her well made garmentto her teamates who restrainedher from turning it into a clown costume. Really, can we stop with the rosettes already????
Keith’s look deserved to win. It was classic, but modern with excellent fabric choices. I understand why he had to leave. Rules are rules. It’s just very unfortunate because he should have won hands down with Allison coming in a close second. Fashion is about great ideas and taste. It’s knowing what to take away to make you want more. Keith is great at that.
While I think Kayne and Robert are mildly amusing, they have no taste beyond Barbie and pagents. Please!!!!

Dwayne on

I wasn’t personally wowed by any of the designs in this episode. Everything was so blah. The “Empire State Building during sunset” insperation was a rip off. Can you say Jay from season 1? At least you could tell his was in fact inspired by the Chrysler Building. How that outfit looked anything like the Empire State Building is beyond me. I don’t really see this outfit being a HUGE seller. I don’t think I have seen anyone wear something like that for at least 10 years and I don’t see it making a come back. The only thing that could have made it worse was her stupid signature rosettes. Thankfully her teammates saved her. Without her awesome teammates she would have been going home. Seeing Keith go was a relief. He is was too cocky and dishonest. I was kind of let down with it though because I thought it was going to be a much better reason. The only sad thing about him going was that Angela didn’t go with him. I really think Bradley is the Forrest Gump of fashion. I don’t think I have any other words to describe him. I think the past 2 seasons have had alot more talented and inspired designers. There are only 2 that I can even see at having any kind of chance at making it. Laura and Michael are probably the best out of the bunch. I actually like their ideas and think they are creative.

Brenda on

I love that you’re including all this commentary on Project Runway! I never watch reality TV shows but Project Runway is just so exciting, though I do wish Michael Kors would come back — his comments are so much more pithy than Vera Wang’s. What I like best about the show, though, is the element of surprise. The designer you think is going to win one week turns out to be the designer who’s eventually booted off; and the designer you might think is a loser turns out (sometimes) to come up with a fabulous winning design. I mean who thought Chloe Dow would win last time? Anyway, thanks for regularly writing about Project Runway — I think it’s the most interesting series on TV
and I never miss it! (I think Michael is amazing, too!)

carla on

I liked bonnie’s shirt under that ghastly coat, but only with that belt…what’s the other guy’s name who had the other low vote? robert? I just didn’t get why he would put that coat with that outfit…now, I do have to say, angela is just an oddball for me, i hate those poofy skirts and those silly rosettes, but I do have to say, she did deserve that win last night…as far as who I think will win, I’m laying claim to the blond girl, Alison. to me, she has the best flair while still maintaining classic designs. I also like Robert and Kayne…i don’t like vincent’s designs so much, but man, he makes the show for me because he’s so kooky! good luck to all of them!

Nadia on

Project Runway is a contest, and contests have rules. No matter how much talent Keith Michael has or thinks he has doesn’t exempt him from the rules. If he wanted to win the contest so bad, he should of stuck to the rules, instead of thinking he was above them.

christina on

so i basically loved keith and thought he was probably the best designer on the show and it sucked that he had to go like that. but i guess hes learned his lesson. i loathe angela. uugh, she makes me mad. but i agree, her look was the more wearable one and the most probable to see in a macy’s window. i cant waiiittt for next week?!

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