Would You Wear This Dress?

08/03/2006 at 12:21 PM ET

The fashion world is a buzz about a new look for fall. It’s all about The New Volume(!), or what non-industry folk like to refer to as oversized clothing. Kate Bosworth, who is generally stylish and always beautiful, is one of the first stars to embrace the trend, recently wearing a Lanvin dress that has been ooh-ed and ahh-ed over in many a fashion magazine. I just can’t help but think that it looks like she’s dressed in a hot air balloon instead of clothing. It’s too much fabric for one little body, but on the other hand, could anyone larger than Kate possibly wear it without looking like they are in their final trimester? This is one trend i’ll be sitting out, as comfortable as it does look. Something tells me that this is just the beginning; we’ll be seeing many other trend-setting starlets test out this trend this fall and winter. What do you think? Would you wear this look? — Melissa Liebling-Goldberg

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Chelle on

Kate is a beautiful woman…but this dress does not do her justice…i don’t like it…i think it looks like she’s 8 months pregnant…this is one look that i really don’t want to see come to pass

SCH on

Good Lord no. I don’t understand it from any angle. How does it stay up? And how does it flare out? V. strange and v. good comment about the third trimester. I think sweet Kate needs to eat a biscuit to look human again.

Alicia on

It looks like a curtain! Maybe she is trying to counter all of the recent attacks about being too thin? Personally, I think she is.

tabitha on

I love it. It’s different and fresh. Fashion is all about trying something new that makes you feel excited about getting dressed, whether it’s a new sweater for work or a progressive oversize dress like this one. Also, remember that these types of “volume” pieces aren’t neccessarily meant for the every day woman to wear in the same way Kate has done. A high volume top looks really new and modern with a skinnier bottom, whether you like leggings or skinny jeans or just a straight leg. On the other hand, one of my favorite looks for fall is the wide leg trouser with a small top or sweater. It’s really flattering if you have longer legs but are perhaps trying to hide a little width. Anyway, that’s my input

Britt on

I wholly agree, she looks 9 months pregnant, and I think that the only reason she’s wearing this dress is to distract from all of the comments on her weight. I love Kate, but it’s true, she’s too thin! I can’t believe this is actually coming in to style, its horrendous and nothing but unattractive.

donna on

hell no i wouldn’t wear this dress. but i know why this is the new trend among stars – it’s to keep the paparazzi guessing: is she pregnant? is she not? lol

ellen on

i have enough volume on me as it is. why would i want to add so much extra?! but i kind of wish some women would start wearing them…it would give me something else to stare at on the subway.

Lauren on

I would definately wear this dress. I actually have a similar dress in cotton.

Barbara on

This dress is horrible. Thats all I can really say. Its gross

Barbara on

Its gross. Thats all I can say. GROSS!!!!

danielle on

im always one for trying new things and usually all for icons experimenting with their ensembles. however, i believe there is a line that may be crossed when compromising how fashion may be flatters the body. many people pick up on trends simply because they are trends, with little or no consideration of what it does for the appearance of ones figure. i see styles such as this dress will be very very difficult for designers and fashionistas alike to pull off as it does nothing for kate’s feminine shape aside from the sheer neckline. when looking at the rest of the dress, i feel like im looking at another maternity outfit for britney spears.

christy on

Uh…no. Hell. to. the. She looks like an itty, bitty little girl wearing her mama’s miumiu (granted…it’s a nice miumiu) Get the girl a corndog! An ice cream cone! A cookie! Anything with any fat whatsoever.

Lisa on

She looks like she’s wearing a tent and the hair is too blond. A honey blond would look good on her and her thin frame would be more suitable for something in a brighter color, a simplier design and more form-fitting (but not tight or clingy).

yenny on

man… she’s tiny and the dress is so so so big… is she drowning? glad that she has superman to save her

Kathleen on

It’s not terrible, not great. Kate actually looks like she’s put on two pounds, not quite as skeletal as she’s been. But I’m curious, why does she only ever smile with her lips closed? It’s like the Olsen twins. So uptight and posed and trying to look grown up. It’s strange and overly controlled.

nadine on

Not in a a million years… she’s a nice looking girl and it does nothing for her that dress …

Gee on

with a body like hers, why on EARTH would kate want to hide behind such a monstrocity? I agree, that this trend is one better left in the dark!

secondhand on

i like the style because i like comfort, but i don’t like this particular dress. way too much material. it’s overpowering her natural shape. i like the whole A-line look, but i prefer something more flattering.

stephanie on

love the dress

sooz on

It’s hideous. Aside from looking likes its about to slide off of her, I think it is just a ploy to cover how very thin she is.

Rebecca on

Why would Hollywood work so hard to achieve the perfect body only to cover it up later and make themselves look like a blimp on steroids! Silly!

Roshelle on

Kate is a beautiful woman! And that dress dosen’t serve her any jusice!! And me personally i woulnd’t wear it!!! I used to be fat and it may bring back a memories!!!

Erica on

I think that the dress looks beautiful and it takes some attention away from how small she actually is and gives her some body.

sabrina on

I’d not wear it… but if I had to wear it i’d wear it in other way….

Christine on

I honestly think this is a nice dress. Sure it is a bit unusual and not everyone can pull it off, but I think Kate does pull it off. Would I wear it….. no, but it works for her.

T.C. Robson on

Most women are trying to find clothes that make themselves look slimming…this is the exact opposite of that. It doesn’t flatter her one bit. She is such a beautiful girl…a slimmer sheath slip dress would’ve looked more elegant and would’ve complemented the beautiful shoes.

Jenn on

this dress looks absolutely horrible. this is one fashion trend i definetly wont be following

Faith on

This “dress” is a bit ridiculous. It looks like she pulled a full, tiered peasant skirt (from several seasons back) up over her chest to create a new look. While fashion would be boring without change and innovation, I think some concepts, such as “The New Volume” are too far fetched. If designers are trying to assert that clothing doesn’t have to conform to the human shape, thus losing the need to flatter our bodies, then they have a winner here. Love Kate, hate the dress.

Jenny on

I am all for new trends, but this one is plain ugly.

Gisele on

everyone is diffrent, and if she likes to wear this dress well its up to her. We all have diffrent styles and we should accept that.

Nadya on

If Kate threw on a belt, it wouldn’t look as bad as it does. I care about trends too, but you got to know when one looks bad on you! Trust your instincts Kate.

BerryGirl on

I think the style is okay, but that dress is awful! I don’t really understand the silver-sheer top… and that girl needs to eat… why is young Hollywood shrinking right before our eyes?!?

misty on

I would if I was pregnant.

LJ on

Hope she didn’t ask, “Does this make me look fat?”

Kele on

Kate is so Beautiful….while the piscture was loading i was like her face is amazing but when it was done i was in shock the first time she looks bad…She also looks pregnant! Bad desision…call the fashion po po!

Andrea on

She looks pretty but the dress is horrible.

Brandy on

I would not wear this dress, it is very unflattering. It would look at least 95% better if it had a black belt around the waist or a wide ribbon even. Just something that would help show off her figure.

Mels on

I don’t understand the sheer top. The dress starts out looking like it will be very clingy and flowy and then POW, she looks like she’s carrying twins! I truly hope that this fashion stops with that dress, or at the least drops down to skirt level.

COnlo on

OF COURSE IT CHIC AND SUPER GORGEOUS! its the perfect dress for HER!

Andrea on

I only like it cause it hides her rail thin body!! But I really think it’s meant to be worn as a skirt.

Bunky on

It’s comforting to know that, were Kate to fall out of a plane, she would float gently and safely to Earth.

Lisa on

Leave the poor girl alone. Imagine if the whole world was critiquing every pound you lost or gained and every outfit you wore. Imagine how horrifying that would be.

David on

Beautiful!!!!! Women need to understand that there is something increadibly sexy about wearing clothes that are not completely revealing. The true beauty of this dress is how it will hug the body when it is in motion. Great choice and good on Kate for not falling prey to the mindless fashion that permeates young Hollywood. Very remeniscent of vintage Balenciaga.

steph on

its not a bad looking dress, although i would probably never wear it, as others have said it works for her. maybe this trend will stop the people who like to start rumors like ‘this one has anorexia’ or ‘she’s way too skinny’. maybe thats why she’s wearing this-to stop the rumors!

Dea on

I think she is trying to put the eating disorder rumors to rest by overdressing. The dress is very stylish but would work better on someone with more curves, Kate’s dress looks like it could slide off at any moment.

sarah on

The dress is great, Kate is great. I applaude her for trying something new. Keep in mind how many more chances she’ll have to look amazing in a dress that everyone will love? You can’t please everyone, but the sultry smile on her face tells me she might just feel sexy in it. I respect her ability to wear anything and still glow.

Johnny Boughton on

I, for one, would not wear this dress. But then I am professional class, hetersexual man about to begin a teaching assignment in the Central Florida Schools. I simply think it would send the wrong message.
But then, I do sort of like the way the frills are layered, like a cake, and I do like cake. I have also been working hard to tone my arms without making them too “muscley” – which is something I think this lovely young starlet (I have no idea what her name is) would appreciate.

Julie on

It just looks silly. When are women going to stand up & stop buying ridiculous clothing to fill the pockets of some designer/corporation? If they would stop changing the “look” each season, we’d actually wear things more than once. Wow! What a thought…………

Joey on

Kate looks beautiful and I LOVE the Lanvin dress. The outfit with the matching necklace perfect updo of her blonde hair is just adorable!

Natalie on

looks more like a parachute to me….or that shes pregnant.its very unflatterring and doesn’t give her any shape at all.

Glori on

Ewe!!! Kate is Gorgeous, but the dress? Hideous! It looks like it’ll slide right down to her feet! And personally, I don’t even think it would do justice to a pregnant woman!

Leslie on

I don’t think this dress is really Kate’s pesonality; we have not seen her in anything quite like this so the real question… is Kate still trying to define her personal style? She doesn’t like the spot light and wants to remain low key yet she appears on the carpet in this dress.
Although the shoes are great, the dress is a bit much yet it hold your attention. Is low key Kate in need of some attention?

Delia on

Kate Superman will Return you home on that dress!!

ashley on

i love it kate is so pretty anyways she would look good in anything besides it something differnt not every one wants to look the same.

CL on

I think it’s great that she’s wearing a dress that doesn’t look like everyone else’s, and that she has the guts to break the mold and be an individual.

Lea on

gorgeous. absolutly gorgeous. the slim fitting dresses of last season are definitly soon to be replaced with some volumizing shape defying new looks, and i think this dress is a wonderful example!

carla on

nope, i would not wear it…it me of the trash bags we used to don as kids to go play out in the rain…kate, please eat, you were so stellar when you were a normal weight, why starve yourself to within a cm of death???

becky on

Uh…no. That’s not a dress. That’s not even a muumuu or a tent. That is nothing more than a skirt that she’s hiked up over her chest. Apparently she got a little shy about that sheer top at the last minute, and pulled her skirt up for the sake of decency…..

California Style - Maureen on

Wow….I would never be able to wear this dress especially since I’m petite, this would look awful on me.

kristin on

i think the dress is cute. could be a bit tighter though.

Lisa on

I would never wear this dress! The only women who want to add “volume” with their clothing are woman who are dangerously skinny, like Kate here. It looks like she’s trying to cover herself too much, to detract, by wearing a skirt for a dress.

Tegan on

It looks like she tried to turn one of last summer’s voluminous prairie skirts into a dress and failed miserably….it looks god-awful. I think she’s trying to hide the fact that she has gotten too skinny or something.

Allison Taylor on

I would buy this dress in a flash — right after I ran to my favorite French bakery and bought myself four chocolate eclairs, half a dozen almond croissants, and maybe a dozen assorted cookies. I mean who could tell I’d just pigged out!

Skratchy on

The dress is amazing, the girl is awful. She is too skinny, her hair is too blond, her makeup is too neutral, and the shoe is a disaster. If you look at the dress from the runway show or in person it is amazing! I wonder how all you people who hate the dress will incorporate the new shapes for fall into your wardrobes, because you will. . . My fashion crystal ball shows short skirts, volume, and more volume coming to a mall near you.

Jake on

Yes, if I were pregnant or covering up my anorexia

Bunky on

I have to question some of Skratchy’s reasoning here. If this dress looks terrible on Kate because she’s too skinny, how could it possibly look good on the runway? Does the crystal ball reveal a future in which runway models eat? Most runway models that I’ve seen make Kate look like she needs staples. Moreover, how would turning her into a redhead or a brunette suddenly make her dress shrink? Blond goes with black. It always has gone with black. What it doesn’t go with is camping gear. The same principle that applies to art should apply to fashion: if a 5-year-old can make it, it’s not that good. Turn down the volume.

Jaelean on

Absolutely not! Looks like someone shifted a full skirt up to the chest! I’m sure Kate Bosworth has a perfect figure; however, the way the “dress” is sitting so low on her chest it makes her boobs look like they are suspiciously grazing her navel…

Monica on

Aaaah! Another outfit to drown Kate Bosworth’s ever-shrinking skeleton-body. Remember Blue Crush? She was a “person” in that movie. Now she’s an unsmiling, starving refugee-looking waif in ridiculous “designer” clothing. Maybe she could get together with Nicole Richie & Mary Kate Olsen. With their death-camp homeless chic looks, they could play some of the orpans in a production of Annie.

chofa on

just love it
i would go with and in it all the way

Mish on

GOOD GRAVY — NNNOOOOOOOOOO! Kate is SSOOO beautiful and this is just a disgrace!

Mish on

Good gravy — NOOOOOO. She is SOOO beautiful and this is just a disgrace!

Hannah on

Kate is so pretty, and she has some cool clothes, and i actually really like this one! she has a really goos sense of fashion.

TokyoGirl on

This dress looks like a cinched black garbage bag. I agree that all this loose flowing clothing is very unflattering. as a matter of fact- it’s all I wore during my pregnancy and didn’t have to spend more on maternity clothes! I live in Tokyo and this style has been popular for the last year or so. It’s time for it to go.

Fabiana on

I love Lanvin and they make some amazing clothes. The thing about fashion is that a lot of outfits that look great on models will not look good on regular people, so this new trend is not for everyone. You need to be tall and skinny to wear it without looking ridiculous…

tess on

She probably wore this because she was tired off all the criticism about her weight. So, she maybe thought that wearing an over-sized and unfitting dress would put the anorexia rumors to rest.

Kiks on

Only if I was pregnent. If your going too look pregnent, then you better be pregnent. Bad choice Kate! your so much cuter then that dress.

Melissa on

Yes,If I was Pregnant! It’s different, but I kinda like it.

Ellie on

i love this dress! fashion is all about being unique, and this definately is! i think her body looks great as well; i don’t think she is too thin

Jen on

I would definetly not wear this dress. I think for me, it just hangs too wide.

Sabrina on

“Well it look’s like she just put a sheet on her, it dosent look to Fashie.”

danielle on

i would not wear this dress

i find it a little ugly to be honest

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